The Well of Allsparks is the mystical fount from which Primus birthed the Cybertronian race. It is the direct conduit for the lifeforce of Cybertron's living god and was sealed to prevent his rival Unicron from locating the planet and destroy Primus' creations.

The Thirteen seeing the activation of the Well of Allsparks.


Following the defeat of Unicron, Primus became one with the Core of Cybertron and he gave life to future generations of Transformers through the Well of Allsparks.

The Thirteen were the first to see its activation.

In Predacons Rising, the Well was functional again after the Autobots restored Cybertron. Though life on Cybertron was unable to come. Optimus went to retrieve the AllSpark with Wheeljack while the other Autobots investigate strange events like two new Predacons coming around. Their mission was at a halt when Megatron (Unicron inside Megatron's body) attacks them. Unicron planned to destroy Cybertron once and for all by destroying the planet's core. He made an army of undead Predacons and headed for Cybertron's core. Optimus Prime came in time to stop the chaos bringer by trapping him inside the Allspark's container. After that, Optimus said that he must complete his mission of returning the AllSpark to the well. As his fellow Autobots watched him fly into the Core, Optimus opened the Matrix of Leadership and entered the core. Suddenly, Sparks began to fly from the sky. The Autobots watched in amazement as the sparks, including Optimus', shine out. 
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The sparks flying from the well. Isn't it beautiful?


  • The original Primes saw the activation of the well. Team Prime also saw the sparks fly out after Optimus flew to the core. As the sparks flew from the well, a red light sparks around, presumably Optimus' own spark was the red spark.

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