300px-FOC Vortex
Vital Statistics
Species Cybertronian
Rank Interrogator
Status Unknown
Production details
First appearance Transformers: Fall of Cybertron
Voiced by Dave Boat
"I'm Vortex, fly me-if you dare!"

Vortex is a flight-capable Decepticon Combaticon. Along with his Combaticon comrades, he forms into Bruticus as his left arm.


Fall of CybertronEdit

When the Autobots came into possession of a large amount of energon, Starscream tasked the Combaticons with diverting the transport by destroying a bridge. Vortex and Blast Off were sent to clear a short cut to allow Brawl to take a drop ship through. Blast Off went through first, drawing out Autobot mines for Vortex to destroy. Once they got through the ruins, the Autobots closed some huge shutters, so Blast Off went ahead, leaving Vortex behind to fight all they Autobots by himself. Vortex eventually reached the bridge and helped out Brawl when it turned out the shielding on the bridge supports was too much for his artillery mode to handle. Vortex flew in and destroyed the Autobots guarding bridge to reach the controls, where he manually lowered the defenses of the supports. After the pair took out the side supports, Brawl blasted a hole in the center support so Vortex could head in and destroy it with a detpak. This he did, and barely managed to escape the bridge before it collapsed, forcing the Autobots' transport to use more of its fuel to take flight. Once Swindle took out the anti-aircraft cannons, Vortex and the other Combaticons combined into Bruticus and smashed through the rest of the transports defenses in order to reach the flight deck. There, Bruticus separated back into the individual Combaticons, who rushed the room and quickly dispatched the Autobots inside. On Onslaught's orders, Vortex and Blast Off took the flight controls and attempted to land the craft. Unfortunately the damage they had done resulted in the transport crashing, destroying half of the energon it was carrying. Starscream was not pleased, and ordered them arrested after being scorned about his poor leadership by Onslaught. Vortex and the other Combaticons were later freed once Megatron was resurrected and retook his leadership. They were aboard the Nemesis as it pursued the Ark and Vortex took part in the assault on the Autobot ship's engines as part of Bruticus. The giant took out many Autobots before he was taken down by the combined efforts of Jazz and the Aerialbots, blasted off the Ark's hull to fall to the dying Cybertron behind them.


Video GamesEdit

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