Vogel Tunnel Vision
Vital statistics
Species Human
Production details
First appearance Tunnel Vision
Voiced by John DiMaggio
"Area 51's got nothin' on this place."
― Vogel on New York's undergrounds in Tunnel Vision.

Mr. Vogel, known simply as Vogel, is one of the most abso-freakin-lutely dedicated conspiracy theorists there are, and he's not afraid to say it. From giant snakes to mole men, he knows the truth the media's trying to conceal: subterranean aliens are amassing armies to subjugate humanity. He works as a street sweeper in the New York subway underground, which gives him unique perspective on the species he knows are coming, man.

Vogel is a minor character in the series. 


In Tunnel Vision, Vogel made his first appearance. He found Jack and Miko in the tunnels and questioned them. Miko makes a lie and Vogel was convinced. He took them for a ride on one of the trains. 

On the ride, Vogel tells Jack and Miko about tales in the tunnel. Tales about "monsters" that creep around the tunnel. Miko and Jack sneakly escaped out from the back of the train. 

Vogel finds them and Jack tells him the truth. He accepts and they went to rescue their friends. The train hits Knock Out and goes out of control. On the train, Vogel reveals that the brake line was broken and they were heading towards a dead end. Arcee was able to catch up with the train and drives to change the course of the rail line. She snaps the lever, which she had to change the tracks with her foot. She succeeds and the humans were safe. 

The train returns and passes through Bumblebee, via the Phase Shifter. The train hits Knock Out and grinds him on the pavement until it stopped. Jack and Miko got out and asked Bumblebee how did he phase through the train. Arcee comes and explains to them that the relic enables the user to phase through anything. Knock Out was enraged at his damaged body and escapes. 

Jack and Miko told Arcee and Bumblebee that Vogel now knows about them. Miko calls Agent Fowler, who deputizes Vogel as the "deputy of interstellar relations." Vogel is excited about his new position even when he is told to maintain complete radio silence until he is called on. As the kids and Autobots left, Vogel was amazed at robots who can turn into vehicles and turned to his sweeper train, wondering if it could do the same. 


Trivia Edit

  • Vogel is voiced by the same guy who voices Jake the dog in Adventure Time
  • Vogel only appears in Tunnel Vision.

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