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A basic decepticon trooper.

Vehicons are a group of Cybertronians who serve as the foot soldiers of the Decepticons. There are four different versions of this type of drone: The ground-based Vehicons are the standard foot soldier who turn into a black and purple sports car. The second ground units are called Miner class who possess a lighter purple and black color scheme with duel optics who do not see action in combat as often, though the nature of their alt mode is unknown. The first air-based Vehicon share their color scheme with the foot soldiers, but transform into Cybertronian jets. The second flyers, called Seekers, are physically the same, but have their own unique silver, white and black color scheme.



The Vehicons' origins are shrouded in mystery but they have been seen as far back as the early days of the great war on Cybertron. Though they have been described by Starscream as "drones" they do appear sentient, what exactly separates them from a normal Transformer, if anything is currently unknown. Though the way Starscream spoke, the term may simply be a kind of insult for low-ranking soldiers.

The Great War

However the group was formed, they were used in almost every Decepticon battle to date.

Capturement of Arcee/Airachnid service

Several Vehicons were seen under the command of Decepticon Airachnid and assisted in capturing Arcee. They later captured her partner Tailgate who Airachnid soon after killed. However before Arcee was to suffer the same fate, she was saved by Cliffjumper and Bumblebee who destroyed the Vehicons.

Attack on Starscream's Energon station

Several Vehicons took part in an invasion of an old Energon station under the command of the no side Starscream to harness the power of Dark Energon. Some where on the outside but some where inside the warships as they tried to break through the lines. On a warship under Megatron's command the Decepticon leader ordered the warship rammed into the station but a single Vehicon objected, leading Megatron to kill him. The rest took part in invading the station and managed to secure it.

Iacon attack/Omega Supreme attack

After Starscream, Thundercracker and Skywarp re-powered the Energon bridge, the Vehicons took part in a all out attack on Iacon as a distraction for Megatron, Breakdown and Soundwave to retrieve the Omega Key from Zeta Prime. The Vehicons next saw action while fighting the colossal Autobot giant Omega Supreme where they were all destroyed by its massive firepower.

Iacon invasion/Autobots fight back

A Vehicon squad spotted a lone scout and tried to dispose of him, but were stopped and destroyed by Optimus Prime and Ratchet.


Attack on Cliffjumper

As Cliffjumper spotted an energon deposit, several Vehicons moved in to attack him. During the battle, they easily overpowered and outclassed the lone Autobot before taking him back to the Nemesis, where he was killed by Decepticon commander Starscream. For the bulk of Megatron's campaign on Earth they were used as miners, field agents, muscle and were always blaster fodder with one shot normally being sufficient to kill them. At some point Starscream created an elite subgroup of Vehicons as his armada. Despite this they too were killed very easily.

Terrorcon Apocalypse/Airachind's Return

After one of Knock Out's experiments with synthetic energon, CYLAS freed himself and ran amok aboard the Nemesis. Threatening to turn all the Vehicons into Terrorcon's take over the Decepticon ship. With help from the Insecticons, the Vehicons were able to defeat there infected compatriots.

Fall of Megatron/Decepticons dissolved

After the Autobots stormed the Decepticon warship and captured it, many Vehicons fled in escape pods. Those that did not reach an escape pod had the choice of either defecting or staying true to their cause. Many chose to defect to the Autobots and worked with Bulkhead to rebuild Cybertron. However they proved equally incompetent at construction as in combat, with three of them falling off a building when they became mised up on which parts went where, and in which order. The few that did not defect were kept in the Nemesis brig with Knock Out. When Starscream showed up he told them all about Unicron's rise and his plan to retake the ship and fly away from Cybertron to somewhere safe from the chaos-bringer. When they tried to take the bridge, all Vehicons allied with Starscream were killed in the fight. While not seen, the Vehicons who had been assigned to the construction efforts may been told to evacuate for their own safety. 

Physical Appearances


Troopers appear with a slick thin body with a purple color scheme. They have wheels on the side of both they're shoulders from they're alt modes. They have Chrome colored heads with a red optic visor.

Decepticon Miner

The miners have a slightly different appearance to Vehicons. they have a lighter purple paint job, they're heads are purple instead of Chrome and they have two red optic visors instead of one.


The flyers look just like the troopers except the flyers have wings on they're backs and they don't have wheels on they're shoulders and legs due to being a flyer.

Seeker (Second Flyer)

Seekers look exactly like flyers, the only thing different is the paint job that is silver the head is black instead of Chrome and red highlights.


One of them is called Steve, he is an ordinary Vehicon Trooper who often fails at his work. The fans named this Vehicon, since the Vehicons don't have real names in the show. They are referred by "Vehicon troopers".


  • Vehicons were not called as such until Plus One only being referred to as "the drones" or "troopers".
  • No Vehicons speak in Predacons Rising.
  • In Predacons Rising, most Vehicons helped rebuild one of Cybertron's buildings, but failed. This was very humorous to the fans.
  • Vehicons speak in most episodes.
  • It is likely that there were as many as 3,000 to 5,000 Vehicons stationed on the Nemesis, given as to how many of them were killed off in Season 1 and 2, yet it isn't until Thirst that they are stated to be depleted. However the amount is never confirmed in the show.


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