Get ready to kick some Autobot and Deception butt!

Transformers: Universe was a cancelled MMO game that was set to begin in 2013. It was announced on December 16th, 2014 that the game would begin a phased closure immediately, fully closing on January 31st 2015, without ever having left beta testing. It was being developed by Jagex and set in Transformers: Prime universe. Gamers can now choose to be an Autobot or a Decepticon, choose their class and customize their appearance, while the gameplay is entirely team-based.

This game will feature Prime characters as well as introduce the new ones like Prowl and Barricade.

It should not be confused with the Chinese counterpart MMO game: Transformers: Online.


There are currently three playable game modes, alongside a fourth "open world" map with no definite objective:

  • Elimination pits Autobots against Decepticons. The first faction to reach 20 kills wins the match.
  • Meteor Storm has both sides try to capture Energon meteor landing sites. The first team that gains 1000 points wins.
  • Crisis is a player-vs-environment mode where teams fight hordes of Terrorcons and gather energon before fighting a final boss.

In addition to these three game modes, players can also access a semi-open world area, which is High Grand for the Autobots and Central City for the Decepticons. In that world, the players partake in occasional mini-missions (for instance, killing a set number of Terrorcons or repairing wounded NPCs). Completing these objectives (or partaking in one of the three aforementioned games) will grant the player relics, which can be used to unlock new warriors from the in-game store. Players can also buy, build, or find different components that have different effects in battle.


The Decepticons have intercepted and shot down the Autobot spaceship Arklight, causing the surviving Autobots to crash-land on Earth (mostly the United States) aboard escape pods. This incident prompted the president to order "a national state of emergency and the total evacuation of eleven major cities." Optimus Prime contacted General Freeman, who provided these Autobot refugees with a base of operations. In return, the Autobots vowed to protect human civilization from the Decepticon threat.






  • It is possible that this story takes place before the events of Transformers Prime and Rescue Bots.
  • On December 16th with the announcement that the game would close at the end of January 2015, still in beta, Jagex announced that all Founders Pack, relic bundles and starter packs would be refunded. No specific reason has been given as to the reason for the closure.


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