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Welcome to the Transformers Wiki! This is a growing encyclopedia for the CGI animated series: Transformers: Prime, where you will be able to relive every moment from the 3 seasons and the movie along with the canon information of the preceding games, the novels and succeeding TV series (Aligned Continuity Story order). At this time, we are taking care of 1,731 articles, and we would appreciate it if you would help us create more.
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Dragon 096
Predaking is the living product of Project Predacon, cloned from the remains of a deceased Predacon. At first Predaking was a primitive minded hunter lacking the ability of speech and hardly any inteliegence. This made him the source of torment and wounding of pride from Starscream for a long time. However Predaking's intelligence rapidly increased after spending time with the other Decepticons to the point where Predaking was able to transform...
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R.I.P. Megatron
As the Autobots launch a full-scale attack on the Nemesis, Megatron battles Optimus Prime one last time in a final attempt to save their home planet of Cybertron. While the Wreckers attempt to take the bridge, Arcee, Bumblebee and Smokescreen hold off the Decepticons, Ratchet confronts Shockwave and Jack, Miko and Raf devise a plan to send Soundwave into the Shadowzone. As Smokescreen and Bumblebee throw the Star Saber at Optimus, Megatron shoots Bumblebee and he sinks down into the Omega Lock pool, dead. Megatron pushes Optimus off the edge of the Nemesis and is about to kill him when Bumblebee returns and sticks the Star Saber through Megatron's Spark, killing him and crippling the Decepticon ranks, all while Shockwave and Starscream make a daunting escape. The only possible explanation for Bumblebee's resurrection was the Cybermatter. The Autobots take control of the Nemesis and return to Cybertron to revive their home planet and return home. However, Ratchet stays behind on Earth to help guard it from the remaining Decepticons. All while an ancient enemy returns from the ashes...
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