Vital Statistics
Alias Unicron's herald
Servant of Unicron
Species Cybertronian
Status Destroyed
Production details
First appearance Transformers Prime: The Game (non-canon)
Voiced by Robin Atkin Downes

  Thunderwing was the herald of the chaos bringer Unicron who's sole purpose is to destroy the Matrix of Leadership and its host but was bond in a meteor by the thirteenth prime for eons until he was freed by the Decepticon but he was only using them to repair him self until he could break loose and complete his mission but he was eventually defeated and destroyed by Optimus Prime the one he was born to kill.

Thunderwing was also the primary antagonist and final boss of the non-canon video game of Transformers Prime.


At some point,before his defeat by primus and the thirteen primes unicron created Thunderwing to seek out the matrix and destroy it as only it could defeat him but he was encased in a meteor made of Dark Energon which was left hurdling threw deep space for countless millennia until it was discovered and brought to Earth by Megatron. During a battle on top of said meteor, Thunderwing finally broke free of his prison and landed on Earth in pieces, only to be captured by Megatron. After agreeing to a temporary alliance with him (only to get the repairs he badly needed), once he was completed thunderwing turned on Megatron and set out to find Optimus Prime and destroy him and found him near a volcano just after he took down megatron. However, thanks to the efforts of Ratchet and Jack Darby who threw a device made to disrupt his systems in to his chest being a embodiment of pure dark energon the pulse weakened him allowing optimus to damage Thunderwing. But he refused to give up, Thunderwing than went wild and utilized his full power to destroy the Matrix of Leadership. Optimus than used the Matrix power to destroy Thunderwing core like he did against unicron him self. Thunderwing than fell into a magma pit, where he was destroyed for good.


  • Thunderwing is similar to Predaking, because both of them can shoot Fire Breath and are bigger than most Transformers Prime Characters.
  • Unicron never mentions Thunderwing in the show, due to the show being shortened for time.


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