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Vital Statistics
Alias Unicron's herald
Servant of Unicron
Species Cybertronian
Status Destroyed
Production details
First appearance Transformers Prime: The Game (non-canon)
Voiced by Robin Atkin Downes


Thunderwing is a creation of Unicron who's sole existence is to destroy the Matrix of Leadership and its host.


At some point, Thunderwing was encased in a meteor made of Dark Energon which was discovered and brought to Earth by Megatron. During a battle on top of said meteor, Thunderwing broke free and landed on Earth, only to be captured by Megatron. After agreeing to a temporary allance with him (only to get the repairs he badly needed), he turned on Megatron and set out to find Optimus Prime to destroy him. However, thanks to the efforts of Ratchet and Jack Darby, Optimus was able to take on Thunderwing. Though he refused to give up, Thunderwing utilized all of his energy to destroy the Matrix of Leadership. Optimus charged his weapons using the Matrix to finish off Thunderwing. Thunderwing was defeated and fell into a magma pit, where he most likely perished.

Thunderwing so far only exists in the non-canon video game of Transformers Prime.

Trivia Edit

  • Thunderwing is similar to Predaking, because both of them can shoot Fire Breath and are bigger than most Transformers Prime Characters.
  • Unicron never mentions Thunderwing in the show, due to the show being shortened for time.


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