Vital Statistics
Alias Leader of Star Seeker Space Pirate Mightiest Free-Booter on the Spaceways
Species Star Seeker
Rank Leader
Status Online
Production details
First appearance Exiles

  Thundertron is the leader of the the Star Seekers. The massive, peg-legged leader of the Star Seekers and captain of the Tidal Wave, Thundertron claims to be "the mightiest free booter on the spaceways." Aside from being a merciless pirate, the destruction of his home world by Cybertronians has given him an unquenchable hatred and desire for revenge. He vows to hunt down and slaughter anyone who come from Cybertron, and is equally brutal with anyone else who comes in his way.


Transformers: Exiles

Sensing the energy trail of a Cybertronian ship, Thundertron had his ship land on Velocitron. He quickly questioned the planet's leader if there were any Cybertronians there. She said there were none, but the leader's refusal to divulge where they were, her insolence in asking the fault of being Cybertronian, and her rival's insistence that she was Cybertronian quickly made Thundertron lose his temper and ordered his crew to attack. Following the energy trail, they traveled through a space bridge to Junkion, where he found not only the Cybertronian ship, but another. While the Cybertronians were fighting each other, Thundertron met with the leader of the locals. He quickly forced the Junkions to repair his ship and attach a space bridge to it. He had two crew members show the Junkions they meant business by killing one of them. As soon as the space bridge was attached, Thundertron ordered the Star Seekers to attack the Cybertronians.


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Prime: Robots in Disguise

Cybertron and its inhabitaints will tremble, for when they will hear the massive clang of steel amidst the sound of leonine growls, and fall before the might of THUNDERTRON!
300px-Prime voyager Thundertron

Physical Appearance

Robot Mode

Thundertron has his front claws attached to his shoulders in his robot mode.Thundertron's beast's head becomes his chest.Thundertron weilds a yellow blade in the side of his toy box.Thundertron has a peg on his leg similar to a pirate's.

Beast Mode

His Beast Mode is a robotic Blue Lion.
Beast of thundertron



Thunderstorm from the Transformer's Prime Top Trumps

  • Thundertron was originally going to appear in Transformers: Prime, but did not for reasons unknown.
  • Thundertron's toy's right foot can be removed creating a pirate like peg leg.
  • Thundertron also has a beard.