The Tragedy of Slipstream
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The Tragedy of Slipstream title card
Air date November 6, 2015
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Back and Forth
A Level Playing Field
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Slipstream recalls a moment of his life that led him to be a former criminal.


Though Slipstream is intent on taking on the Cyclones on his own, Jetstorm follows him and is soon discovered. Jetstorm pleads with Slipstream to let him go along on his dangerous mission, not understanding why his friend is so intent on taking on the Cyclones on his own. Slipstream explains that it was because of Cyclones that he once turned to a dishonorable life of crime he was a mere child when a Cyclone left in him a void to be filled, by stealing his most precious possession his first ball bearing.






Overload (cameo)


Ransack (Cyclone)

Trivia Edit

  • It is shown that Cybertronians can age.
  • Slipstream describes his early life on Luna 1, tying in to the Binder of Revelation's statement that all Mini-Cons are native to one of Cybertron's moons.
  • "Out of the Shadows" later expanded on Jetstorm and Slipstream's having "met as thieves", revealing it to have been under the tutelage of Shadow Raker.

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