The Power of Dibs
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Air date November 2, 2015 (through Youtube)
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Knock, Knock
Back and Forth
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  The Power of Dibs is a Transformers: Robots in Disguise short and a direct follow up to Knock, Knock.


Slipstream and Jetstorm learn an ancient custom called "dibs".


Drift, Slipstream, and Jetstorm join Sideswipe in watching a movie-which Drift thinks of as a "training simulation"-and Sideswipe then claims that Jetstorm has taken his seat, which he had previously reserved by calling "dibs." Describing dibs as an "ancient" custom by which one makes "first claim on something," he impresses the pair of Mini-Cons. Subsequently, an alarm sounds, and it is Sideswipe's turn to be instructed when Fixit informs the group that Cyclones Backtrack and Ransack have been detected as active. Putting his new knowledge to use, Slipstream calls dibs on recapturing the pair. While Bumblebee is reluctant to let the Mini-Con go alone, he leaves the matter to Drift, who decides to honor his pupil's choice.

Quotes Edit

"I would never choose this heavy a burden for you, Slipstream, but I too will respect your... dibs."


Background InformationEdit

  • The Power of Dibs first appeared-along with Knock, Knock-on Cartoon

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