So many gifs of animals, such little time.

The Internet is one of the greatest technological innovations of the human race. Whether that is a good thing or not is a matter of personal opinion. The good things humans do with the internet is help research for information, earn money, etc. There are also many other things humans do with the internet, and the majority of them are quite stupid and are a waste of time.

Transformers: Prime Edit

Crisscross Edit

Silas and Airachnid used a social networking site to track down Jack Darby. 

One Shall Fall Edit

Raf Esquivel routinely surfed the net, using his impressive hacking skills and Autobot technology to replace reports of Transformer sightings (mainly Bumblebee) on conspiracy websites with pictures of cats and tap-dancing monkeys.

New Recruit Edit

While he was surfing, Raf stumbled on a report of Red Energon. Unbeknownst to the Autobots, Starscream had located the same report, having learned to tap into the Internet himself. Aside from this useful lead, he had dismissed almost the entire Internet as being useless... though he did find some entertainment value in a video of a dancing monkey. 

Scattered Edit

After the Autobot base was destroyed and the Autobots went into hiding, Raf managed to find a picture of Ratchet online. Starscream found the same picture, but before he could draw it to Megatron's attention, Raf replaced it with a dancing monkey.