Prey optimus and smokescreen

Smokescreen saved the damaged Optimus Prime from being captured by the Decepticons when they destroyed the Autobot base. Smokescreen took Optimus, using the the Phase Shifter, to a hidden cave.

Transformers: PrimeEdit

Darkmount, NVEdit

Smokescreen brought the damaged Optimus Prime to a hidden cave. Smokescreen stayed there with Optimus to ensure his protection.


Smokescreen returned from searching for supplies at the destroyed base, but couldn't find anything. Optimus was faintly breathing and asked Smokescreen about the Forge of Solus Prime. Smokescreen realized that the Forge could help repair Optimus. Smokescreen left Optimus as he went to retrieve the relic from Megatron's vault.


Smokescreen recovered the Forge of Solus Prime and brought it back to Optimus. Optimus told Smokescreen to use the Forge to repair the Omega Lock on Cybertron than use it to repair him. Smokescreen told Optimus that they can't use the Forge without a Prime, not without him. Optimus stated that he believes there is a new leader and Smokescreen was that leader. Smokescreen was left puzzled in the cave.


Smokescreen didn't feel that he was ready to be a Prime. Optimus told him that the Matrix will be bestowed to whoever is worthy. Optimus was close to joining the AllSpark with Alpha Trion until Smokescreen placed the Forge of Solus Prime on Optimus' right hand. This resurrected Optimus in a new body and Smokescreen left with Optimus to save the others at Darkmount.