This is about the Predacon Tantrum featured in Starscream's Beast; you be looking for the Decepticon Tantrum who appears in Transformers: Retribution.
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Tantrum is a Predacon created by Starscream by combining CNA from the Project Predacon fossils with his own in an effort to create a clone that would obey him as opposed to Predaking. However, like his predecessor, Tantrum refused to obey Starscream, and upon being mistreated by the Decepticon lieutenant displayed the ability to transform, which was initially taken as being the result of Starscream's CNA being used to create him rather than a natural Predacon trait. After rampaging around ship-which earned him his name-he was put down by Megatron. Starscream then accused a Vehicon of creating the monster, and the trooper was executed. Starscream retained some of Tantrum's remains, however, making it possible he could make a second attempt; however, any further efforts at cloning by Starscream are unknown.

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