FOC Swoop conceptart
Vital Statistics
Species Cybertronian (Dinobot)
Rank Scout
Status Online
Production details
First appearance Transformers: War for Cybertron (DS)
Voiced by Eric Artell (WFCDS)

Mark Allan Stewart (FOC)

 "We Dinobots gotta stick together!" - Swoop

Swoop is a flight-capable Autobot and a member of the Lightning Strike Coalition Force and now the Dinobots, as their scout. He's the one who gave his pal, Grimlock, the idea changing his team's name. Swoop turns into a Pteranadon.


Pteranadon mode


War for CybertronEdit

Grimlock and Swoop were neutral Transformers who met with the Autobots to discuss joining. Grimlock was keen to have the Autobots test their mettle, however while he was talking, Swoop was kidnapped by a group of Decepticons led by Cyclonus for their Dark Energon experiments. In a lab on the outskirts of Iacon, Swoop was infused with the dark substance, and by the time the Autobots found him, he felt strange and had the urge to eat heads. He began flying around in his vehicle mode but the Autobots discovered that by zapping him with the equipment in the lab, they could purge him of the Dark Energon. Though Swoop resisted violently, they managed to purge him completely and he announced he felt better.

Swoop promised to lead the Autobots out of the labyrinth of tunnels, however unfortunately Cyclonus had started the self-destruct sequence on the laboratory. Swoop and his rescuers were forced to race through hostile tunnels, taking down force-fields blocking their path, until they finally got out before the detonation. Grimlock was so impressed with their work that he let Swoop join the Autobots.

Fall of CybertronEdit

Six days before the launch of the Ark, Swoop and the rest of the Lightning Strike Coalition deserted their post protecting the ship to investigate strange energy readings in the Sea of Rust. Said readings were caused by Shockwave's space bridge experiments at the energon lake, and when they arrived they were set upon by one of Shockwave's other experiments, the Insecticons. Shockwave took the opportunity experiment on them, giving them dinosaur forms and testing the results. Grimlock found and freed Swoop first out of the team, and they went searching for Slug. They first encountered Hardshell, and Swoop used the technology in the room to supply Grimlock with fuel pods for his leader to throw at the bug. Their search for Slug led them to a trashed lab with a hole in the floor, and they split up to continue their search.

Grimlock found Slug first, and they joined Swoop in searching for Snarl. They found Snarl being protected by Sharpshot, and once the Insecticon was defeated, they looked for a place to rest and repair Snarl. They located an observation deck which had logs of Shockwave's experiments on them and the space bridge project. Though Optimus Prime ordered them back to base when they contacted him, Grimlock insisted on trying to take the space bridge tower himself, and had Swoop fly him to the top of the tower. Unfortunately the winds became too much for them and they separated. Swoop later watched from afar as the tower exploded.


Swoop resuced Grimlock from the wreckage with the other Dinobots and re-united with Sludge. The team made it to Iacon after the Ark had launched and Ultra Magnus had assumed command of the Autobots. The Dinobots and Magnus engaged Shockwave's group the Forged to buy time for the remaining Autobots transports to escape, a mission which nearly cost Swoop his life. Ultra Magnus later left as well, the Dinobots however elected to remain and lead the remaining Autobots. After Magnus left, Swoop called dibs on living in Sentinel Zeta Prime's abandoned palace.

Evidentally, Swoop did not get his wish and continued to live with the other Autobots. He remained there for thousands of years until one day the planet began to quake and re-fill with Energon. The Cybertron Autobots re-grouped and met up with Team Prime shortly after Unicron's defeat


  • Swoop and the rest of the Dinobots (excluding Sludge) can be downloaded from the "Dinobot Destructor" pack.