647px-TRID E 47 Stuntwing Robot Mode
Vital statistics
Species Cybertronian (Mini-Con)
Production details
First appearance King of the Hill (Part 1)
Voiced by none

Stuntwing is one of Soundwave's new Mini-Con subordinates.

Transformers: Robots in DisguiseEdit

Season 3Edit


In King of the Hill (Part 1), Stuntwing spied on Bumblebee's team as they tangled with Heatseeker in Grand Valley.

In King of the Hill (Part 2), when it looked like the Stunticon was getting the better of the Autobots, Stuntwing linked with Bumblebee, giving him a flight mode. The Mini-Con remained silent under Bumblebee's questioning, however, and after an explosion caused the Bee Team to merge into one robot, Stuntwing made off with Bumblebee's Decepticon Hunter. He later opened a GroundBridge portal and headed through it to rendezvous with Soundwave.

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