The Stripped Energon Mine is an old Decepticon Energon mine that was supposedly stripped clean, but was later revealed to be Starscream's personal stash of Energon. It was later discovered by Megatron who planned to terminate Starscream at the mine, but got distracted by Jack and Arcee. Megatron began firing on the two and Starscream used his chance to try to escape. Enraged, Megatron fired after him. Arcee took advantage of Megatron's distraction and fired, causing him to discharge his fusion cannon into the ceiling, which gave way. Massive rocks fall on Megatron, causing the floor to start caving in as well, and both Arcee and Jack fall into a swiftly widening hole. In the cavern, Bulkhead protects Miko from the falling rocks. Starscream, speeding through the mine in his jet mode, is hit by rocks and can only cry out as the tunnel to the mine entrance collapses.