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Steve the Vehicon
Adorable vehicon by geniesmartass-d4ygdxf
Vital Statistics
Alias Steve the Vehicon
Species Cybertronian
Rank Soldier
Status Online
Production details
Voiced by Most likely any actor who has voiced a Vehicon.

Steve the Vehicon or just simply Steve is a fan-given name for every clumsy Vehicon in Transformers: Prime. One of the most notable occurrences of Steve is the Vehicon who Starscream slapped in Sick Mind. Another appearance of Steve was the Vehicon Megatron threw off the Nemesis when Smokescreen took the Omega Keys in Inside Job. He has the unique ability to switch between the car, jet, miner, and Seeker body types, depending on the task at hand. Poor Steve is the "Beast Wars Waspinator" of Transformers Prime. He just suffers the worst of fates but somehow survives.

Transformers: Prime

Darkness Rising, Part 1: Steve, with another Vehicon, spotted Arcee and Jack Darby and pursued them. He informed Commander Starscream that they spotted Arcee. After smacking Bumblebee and Arcee for a while, they fled when Bulkhead showed up. Steve was later on the Nemesis bridge when Starscream told him to activate the Space Bridge to bring Megatron to Earth.

Darkness Rising, Part 4: Bulkhead started climbing the side of the Nemesis to save Agent Fowler. Steve ran to the side and looked around, but was thrown off the Nemesis by Bulkhead, still firing his blaster arm. He managed to get back on board the Nemesis, went to the bridge, found humans, and got smacked around by Bulkhead for doing so.

Masters and Students: When Starscream gave his speech to the Decepticons that he should be leader, Steve raised his hand and questioned Starscream being their leader since Megatron was dead.

Con Job: Steve was one of the Vehicons who attacked Wheeljack after his ship was shot down. Arcee states that Wheeljack "missed one", who was Steve. Wheeljack (who was really Makeshift) shot Steve (probably with a stun blast to look like Wheeljack killed Steve).

Convoy: Steve and several other Vehicons were sent by Starscream to destroy the Autobots, with Steve being the one in the front. During the fight, Steve managed to knock out Optimus Prime with a tree trunk. Steve and the others were soon forced to retreat.

Deus Ex Machina: When Starscream got his hand on the Energon Harvester, He tested it on Steve, who was guarding the area. His energon was drained by the Energon Harvester.

Sick Mind: When the Nemesis's (cloaking device?) stopped working, Steve reported that the crew were working as quickly as they can. Starscream then decided to slap him.

Out Of His Head: When Starscream had the Lens working, Steve was tasked with managing the heating device. When Optimus jumped onto the Nemesis, Steve was knocked out of the operator's seat so Starscream could use it on Optimus Prime.

Shadowzone: When Starscream had requested a ground bridge back to the warship, Steve was operating the ground bridge and saw Starscream was missing his arm. Starscream told him not to tell anyone, but he probably told Soundwave about it.

T.M.I.: Steve and other Vehicons were sent to help Knock Out and Breakdown retrieve the Data Cylinder.

Stronger, Faster: Steve was sent in with other Jet Vehicons to terminate Arcee, when Ratchet came in and trashed them. Steve was back-punched by Ratchet before he said, "Hooah!" Steve (miner body) was later sent to dig up an energon deposit while other Vehicons protected him. He noticed the slaughter and tried to excape, but was tortured by Ratchet. He survived because Optimus told Ratchet to "spare the Decepticon Miner", which gave him the chance to escape and regroup with other Cons at an Energon mine. He was talking with Breakdown about Airachnid, when Ratchet showed up. He was about to shoot out of fear of a THIRD smackdown, when Breakdown gestured not to. (He may have fled before Breakdown got his butt kicked by Ratchet.)

One Shall Fall: Steve led the way as the Vehicons escaped the military base with a part for the Space Bridge. He informed Megatron that they had the package, but the Autobots had arrived. (Steve may have fled when the Battle was not going in their favor.)

One shall Rise: Steve and other Vehicons were present for the special event "Spider-Spymaster Smackdown" (Soundwave vs. Airachnid). Steve and the other Decepticons soon bowed to Megatron when he and Orion Pax boarded the Nemesis.

Orion Pax, Part 1: When Arcee boards the Nemesis Arcee threatened to kill him if he didn't tell her where Orion Pax was. More Vehicons showed up and Arcee didn't kill Steve. He managed to get back on his feet and pursued Arcee. When Orion Pax decided to see what was the comotion going on outside his room, Steve ran passed and tells Orion Pax to stay at his station.

Orion Pax, Part 2: Steve pursued Starscream after he boarded the Nemesis. Starscream shot him, and he crashed into the wall but survived the explosion.

Orion Pax, Part 3: Steve and another Vehicon kept an eye on Optimus after he saw his image in the Decepticon data banks. They beat up Optimus, and Steve said he enjoyed it, until Optimus killed the unnamed Vehicon and injured Steve.

Armada: Steve tells Megatron that the power core was compromised.

Flying Mind: Steve tells Megatron the ship is operating itself, then gets zapped.

Hurt: Steve insulted the Insecticons and gets thrown into the door of the Med Lab. Steve later told Megatron about a transmission from Wheeljack.

The Human Factor: Steve was present to fight the Autobots and tackled or was tackled by Smokescreen. Smokie saw the blast from the satellite and jumped out of the way so Steve got fried. [But he survived and was repaired.]

Legacy: Steve is the Vehicon who uncovers the Star Saber. After Smokescreen fails to pull out the sword, he is shot in the back by Steve. Steve was later knocked out by Arcee after Bulkhead saves Smokie from another Vehicon.

Inside Job: When Smokescreen escaped the Nemesis with the Omega Keys, Steve (car form) and other Vehicons cornered him. Smoke jumped, and Megatron threw Steve and a Jet Vehicon after him. Steve transformed to car mode, and shattered on the ground. (His parts were gathered up and he was repaired when the other Vehicons searched the wreckage for the Keys.)

Patch: Steve appeared in a few flashbacks, and was present when Starscream started Dancing. (All other scenes of Steve are his appearances in past episodes, and therefore do not need to be mentioned again)

Darkmount, NV: Steve and another Vehicon found items in the destroyed Autobot base, but soon we're yelled at for not finding any Autobots. Steve (jet) soon is sent to patrol for Autobots, but fails to recognize Bumblebee. He later accompanied Knock Out to Cybrtron to find the remaining relics and pointed out to Knock Out about finding Shockwave.

Scattered: Steve and another Vehicon get ready to smelt Wheeljack, and even says Starscream wanted Jackie conscious for the smelting. Wheeljack throws Steve off the ledge and rides him to safety. Steve blows up, [but is repaired.] Steve (Seeker form) and other Seekers are sent to Wheeljack's location and he reports they arrived. They see a grenade and Steve shouts it out. The grenade goes boom, [but Steve gets out of the blast range and survives. The blast just messed up the Decepticon Signals, looking like Steve died.]

Prey: Steve is present in the mine that Bulkhead and Wheeljack raid. Jackie jumped over Steve's crate. He says, "Autobots!" When Predaking comes charging in. Steve and the other miner start running for their lives.

Rebellion: Steve is in another energon mine, when the Insecticons fly in and land in front of him. Steve reports that the mine isn't under attack.

Chain of Command: Steve accompanied Starscream to Scotland and asks if Starscream isn't wearing the Apex Armor just to protect himself. Steve and the Seeker soon take on Miko, but get trashed. They soon retreat.

Thirst: Steve was CyLAS's first Vehicon victim. He tried to drain Starscream and Knock Out, but they blew off his head and Spark. [He was soon repaired and returned to service.]

Other Episodes: Steve is present in mostly crowd scenes for other episodes.

Transformers: Robots in Disguise IDW Comics #5-6

Before the end of the Great War, (and after he had been repaired due to Terrorcon vampire injuries in the episode Thirst,) Steve and two other Vehicons had been assigned by Starscream to guard an energon mine and wait for miners to arrive. Because of the Autobots preventing the Decepticons from firing the second Omega Lock during the episode "Deadlock", the miners never came and the three Vehicons didn't know the war was over. They were eventually found by Steeljaw and helped him out with his plans. Steve and the other two Vehicons turned on Steeljaw after Optimus Prime showed them Starscream's arm. Optimus offered them a ride back to Cybertron and that they wouldn't be war criminals for helping Steeljaw since they didn't know the war was over. Steve declined, and the three Vehicons continued to live in peace waiting for Megatron or Starscream's return.


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