Their in stasis

The term "stasis" refers to Cybertronians putting themselves in sleep mode. When a male or female Cybertronian is in stasis, they can not hear or see what's going on outside of their bodies. They must be awaken by their fellow beings or they might stay this way until someone finds their bodies. As long as medic, scientist and medical assistant are there, then nothing would go wrong.

Stasis doesn't hurt Cybertronians. It's like how humans sleep at night and wake up in the morning, except when Cybertronians are in stasis they must be awaken by something or someone. It also helps Cybertonians, whether they are tired or hurt really badly. 


Masters and StudentsEdit

Skyquake was in stasis until Starscream and Soundwave awakened him by placing an energon cube inside his stasis chamber. When Starscream found Megatron floating in space, he had no choice but to bring his master to the warship where they immediately put his body into stasis.


Scraplets were in stasis until they were brought into the Autobot base. They eventually broke out of their pod and would of nearly destroyed the base if if wasn't for the humans saving their robot friends.


Bulkhead was put in stasis by Ratchet to examine the data that was stored into his head. Ratchet examined Bulkhead again after the data was gone from his mind. Bulkhead woke up from stasis when Miko played their favorite song on her guitar.

One Shall Rise, Part 1Edit

Unicron awakens from stasis when the planetary alignment aligns planets in a straight motion, thus making him awake from inside Earth.

One Shall Rise, Part 3Edit

Unicron was out back into stasis after Optimus used the matrix on his spark.

Orion Pax, Part 2Edit

An Insecticon awakens from stasis in its stasis pod and follows Jack and Arcee on Cybertron.

Operation: Bumblebee, Part 2Edit

Bumblebee awakens from stasis after he fell off a cliff in Operation: Bumblebee, Part 1.


Arcee traps Airachnid in an Insecticon stasis pod.

Flying MindEdit

The possessed Nemesis uses its stasis beam to put Bumblebee, Arcee, Bulkhead, Optimus Prime, Megatron, Dreadwing, Soundwave, Knock Out and the Vehicons in stasis. They were out of it when the Humans stopped the possessed Warship.


Bulkhead was put in stasis by Ratchet when he was severely injured by Hardshell and exposed by Tox-En.

New RecruitEdit

Smokescreen explained to Optimus Prime, Ratchet, Arcee and Bumblebee that he arrived on Earth in a Decepticon escape pod because he was captured aboard and went into stasis. He woke up from stasis when they found him.

Darkmount, NVEdit

After Optimus was crushed by the Decepticons blowing up the Autobot base, he went into stasis after he was saved by Smokescreen from being captured by the Decepticons.


Optimus went into deep stasis and saw Alpha Trion's spirit in the AllSpark. Alpha Trion tried to convince Optimus to join the AllSpark, but Smokescreen was able to use the Forge of Solus Prime to revive Optimus in a new body.


Airachnid awoke from her stasis pod when Silas infected her with Dark Energon and turned her into another Terrorcon.


The Predacon clones in Shockwave's lab on Earth were in their stasis pods in their C.N.A until Wheeljack used one of his bombs to destroy them with Ultra Magnus's approval. Predaking was very mad about this and attacked them. Luckily Optimus Prime saved them from Predaking's wrath.

Minus OneEdit

Soundwave went into stasis when he was captured by the Autobots. He woke up when Laserbeak tracked Agent Fowler in his car and attached itself to Soundwave's chest, thus waking him up.

Predacons RisingEdit

Unicron woke up from stasis and used Megatron's body as his vessel to destroy Cybertron. His plans were foiled as the alliance of Autobots, Predacons and Knock Out stopped him with Optimus Prime trapping Unicron inside the AllSpark's container.


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