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Springer with his multiple forms.

Springer is a Triple-Changer Autobot and part of the Wreckers


Transformers: Exodus

Springer was the first Transformer known to gain two alternate modes. He was Ultra Magnus' lieutenant in the group known as the Wreckers. Along with the rest of the unit, Springer turned down a place on the Arkin order to hold back Trypticon before it would fly after the ship.

Transformers: Exiles

With the other Autobots gone, Springer and the Wreckers fought valiantly to defend what remained of Iacon from Shockwave's forces. He and Magnus accompanied the scientist Wheeljack to see Alpha Trion, with the proposition that a message be sent to the lost Optimus Prime using a small scale Space Bridge.


  • He did not appear in the games, but he appears in the Fall of Cybertron Art Book; there are concept sketches that shown that he was part of the final level of the game in which he dodging the towing cables from the Nemesis.

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