250px-FOC Snarl robot mode
Vital Statistics
Species Cybertronian (Dinobot)
Rank Solider
Status Online
Production details
First appearance Transformers: Fall of Cybertron
Voiced by Sam Riegel



Snarl in Stegosaurus Mode

Snarl is an Autobot and a member of the Lightning Strike Coalition Force and now the Dinobots during the Great War, as their analyst. He turns into a Stegosaurus.


Fall of CybertronEdit

Snarl and the rest of the Lightning Strike Coalition deserted their post defending the Ark when they detected strange energy readings in the Sea of Rust. The energy readings were caused by Shockwave's space bridge experiments at the energon lake, and when they arrived, they came under attack by Insecticons and were overwhelmed. Shockwave took the time to experiment on them, giving them primitive dinosaur forms. When the rest of the team found Snarl, he had been trapped behind a force field and repeatedly electroshocked by Sharpshot until Grimlock freed him. The team took the injured Snarl to an observation deck where they found notes on Shockwave's experiments on them and adopted the name "Dinobots".

Though Optimus Prime ordered them back to base, Grimlock insisted on attacking Shockwave's tower himself, and Snarl, Slug and Swoop later watched from afar as the tower was destroyed by his hand.


  • Snarl and the rest of the Dinobots (excluding Sludge) can be downloaded from the "Dinobot Destructor" pack.