Vital Statistics
Species Cybertrionian, Insecticon
Rank Electronic warfare
Status Offline
Production details
First appearance Fall of Cybertron
Voiced by Steve Blum

  Sharpshot was one of the original Insecticons along with his brothers Kickback and Hardshell. After rising to the surface of Cybertron to search for Energon, he and his brothers were recruited into the Decepticon ranks. He was killed by Grimlock after torturing his teammate Snarl.


Rise of the Dark SparkEdit

Sharpshot and his brothers were discovered by Shockwave while the Decepticon scientist was searching for the mythical Dark Spark. Sharpshot was the last of the three sentient Insecticons to attack Shockwave, but didn't fare any better against the Decepticon than his brothers had, and agreed to join the Decepticons after a sound defeat. When Shockwave was preparing to engage Optimus Prime to take the Dark Spark, Sharpshot arrived and informed Shockwave that the Autobot leader did not, in fact, possess the Dark Spark, and that the Autobot Ironhide was currently in possession of the relic. After helping Shockwave take the Dark Spark from Ironhide, Sharpshot escorted Shockwave out of the subway. After meeting with considerable resistance from Autobot forces, the two Decepticons rendezvoused with the Combaticons Vortex and Swindle. Swindle assisted in escorting Shockwave back to Kaon until Sharpshot was spooked into abandoning his compatriots, much to their confusion.

Fall of Cybertron ComicsEdit

Sharpshot and his Insecticons ambushed and defeated Swoop during his infiltration of Shockwave's citadel. Alongside Hardshell and Kickback, he stood by Shockwave's side when the rest of the Lightning Strike Coalition Force arrived to save their buddy.

Fall of CybertronEdit

Sharpshot was the last of the Insecticons that Grimlock encountered when trying to free the rest of the Dinobots. He repeatedly taunted Grimlock after meeting him till he, Slug and Swoop reached Snarl, who was trapped in some sort of torture machine that even Slug couldn't break him out of. Exactly what the machine did is unclear, only that when Sharpshot activated it, it nearly killed Snarl by what appeared to be draining the energon from him. Grimlock, employing his usual strategy when all else fails, broke every piece of the machine, saving Snarl, and somehow causing some sort of feedback that knocked Sharpshot off the platform that kept him out of reach of Grimlock. The angry Dinobot then approached the defenseless Insecticon, who made a vain attempt to plead for mercy before Grimlock bit him and shook him around, breaking one Sharpshot's legs off, and then slamming him into the ground and crushing him. Whether he survived or not is uncertain, but given the damage caused by Grimlock, his survival seems unlikely.


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