Skyquake TC

Skyquake chasing Jack, Miko, and Raf in the Shadowzone

The Shadowzone is a dimension which involves hyperspeed. Jack, Raf, Miko, and the Terrorcon Skyquake along with Starscream's disembodied arm got trapped in there as a result of an explosion caused when the activation of two Ground Bridges were feeding off each other at the same time. The kids escaped from the Shadowzone and Skquake was left in the Shadowzone with his right arm still missing (which it was able to get out the same time the kids escaped from another portal).

During the final battle Jack devised a plan to get rid of Soundwave by sending him to the Shadowzone. He and Miko Ground Bridged onto the bridge of the Nemesis. In the Apex Armor, Miko distracted Soundwave. Trying to use his "relocation trick" he tried to force Miko into a Ground Bridge. Raf then opened one behind him, causing a feedback sending him to the Shadowzone. The significantly taller, and stronger Miko saved Jack from being sucked in with him. He tried to strike them but learned while he saw and heard everything, he was like a ghost.

Transformers: Robots in DisguiseEdit

After involving a bridge accident, Soundwave came out of the portals, and then later pushed Bumblebee into the Shadowzone. Bumblebee was surprised when he tried to push Soundwave, he went right through him. Bumblebee later thought what Jack, Miko, and Raf did when they were trapped in the Shadowzone. He remembered and told Denny, Russell, and Fixit to trick Soundwave into the Shadowzone, and it worked. He later remarked how their plan would probably work four percent.

Known occupantsEdit


  • Raf specualtes the reason no one can hear what goes on in the Shadowzone and why the occupants can walk through others is because they are moving at hyper-speed.
  • As shown by Miko if someone is heavy enough, they can resist being pulled into the Shadowzone.
  • Terrorcon Skyquake was presumably destroyed when Unicron was trapped in the Allspark's container by Optimus Prime in Predacons Rising.

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