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Sentinel Zeta Prime
(Sentinel Prime/Zeta Prime)
250px-WFC ZetaPrime
Vital Statistics
Species Cybertronian
Rank Prime
Autobot Leader (Formerly)
Status Deceased
Production details
First appearance Transformers: War for Cybertron
Voiced by Troy Baker

  Sentinel Zeta Prime is an Autobot leader who was once an officer in the Elite Guard before being named Prime.


Early Life

Sentinel Zeta Prime was not one of the Thirteen, but he ruled since near that time. It is believed he was born Zeta, was later dubbed Sentinel Zeta and later became Sentinel Zeta Prime. When the Quintessons ruled Cybertron during the Age of Wrath, Sentinel led the rebellion against them.

He was succesful and Cybertron entered its Golden Age of Space Bridges and expansion. Cybertronians expanded to worlds such as Velocitron, Gigantion and the Hub. Trypticon Space Station was also built. However, the Space Bridges became unreliable after some time and the Golden Age came to a close. To try and maintain order in society, Sentinel, at the High Council's nagging created the Caste System.

Caste System

The Caste System functioned so that every Cybertronian that emerged from the Well of AllSparks was taught to transform, placed in a caste and given a name. Those in the lower caste, however, did not receive a name. Alpha Trion opposed this system and made his thoughts very clear to Sentinel, but eventually withdrew to the Hall of Records. After a while Sentinel became a hermit and said he did not care for the lower castes.

War for Cybertron

Later in his life a gladiator named Megatron began preaching against the Caste System. One night, Sentinel attended a performance at Altihex Casino and it was here the Decepticons attacked. Sentinel did not fight back as he relied on his bodyguards Starscream, Thundercracker and Skywarp to fight for him. Only to discover they were trying to get recruited into the Decepticon ranks and used him as a peace offering. Megatron used Sentinel as a punching bag, whenever his plans failed. He was later moved from Kaon to Moonbase One. Starsceam, wanting to rule the Decepticons, offered Sentinel a chance at redemption. He informed him that Megatron was trying to acquire the Plasma Energy Chamber and released him to confront Megatron. The two fought beneath Iacon, and though Megatron complimented his skills as a fighter, the gladiator literally disarmed the Prime. He saw the Code Key of Justice, which was needed to open the Chamber, inside of Sentinel.

Sentinel was shoved back into Kaon Prison. He was rescued by the Autobots. In his last moments of life, he spoke to his successor, Optimus Prime. He told him that he had overstayed his welcome as a Prime and that Optimus should be truer to the title than he was. His last request was that Optimus travel to the Core and remove the Dark Energon. His body was laid to rest in Iacon and Optimus was now truly all that remained of the once great civilization. 


Sentinel's policies and attitudes left some Cybertronians with a bad taste towards Primes and outright refused to follow them, believing them corrupt and greedy. Some Decepticons disliked Optimus Prime solely for being Sentinel's successor.

Once the majority of Cyberton's people had left the planet, Swoop called dibs on living in Sentinel Prime's abandoned palace. Sadly, his request was denied and he lived with the rest of the Autobots.


Novel Series

Video Games


  • Sentinel's title of Prime was and is still honorary. 
  • Prior to it being revealed that the arm belonged to Liege Maximo, many assumed it was Sentinel's arm.
  • Sentinel Prime never made a physical appearance or was mentioned in Transformers Prime. Sentinel Prime only appeared in the live action movie, Transformers: Dark Of The Moon as an antagonist. In the movie, Sentinel Prime was Optimus Prime's mentor, while in the show Alpha Trion is Optimus' mentor during the golden age on Cybertron. Sentinel Prime turned traitor against the Autobots and killed Ironhide. Later on, Optimus killed Sentinel with Megatron's gun. Despite pleading to Optimus about his intentions, Sentinel seemed to feel regret about what he did but Optimus told him that he only betrayed himself, thus leading to him getting shot by Optimus. Optimus remains as his successor in leading the Autobots in the live action film series.


  • Sentinel Prime: The Score
Transformers-Dark of the Moon Soundtrack Score- 2

Transformers-Dark of the Moon Soundtrack Score- 2. Sentinel Prime