Ultra Magnus and Smokescreen

My name is Ultra Magnus. Welcome to Cybertron

The Sea of Rust is an area on Cybertron. It was mentioned by Cliffjumper in a flashback by Arcee in Out of the Past.


Lightning Strike Coalition MissingEdit

Grimlock's last position was in the Sea of Rust, so Cliffjumper and Jazz travelled there.[1] It was later mentioned by Cliffjumper when he was telling Arcee about the time he was separated from his unit at the Sea of Rust.[2]

Omega LockEdit

The Omega Lock's location was revealed to be in the Sea of Rust on Cybertron. Megatron led his Vehicon troops there to secure the Omega Lock, but they met with a surprise attack from the Autobots. The Autobots stole the Omega Keys from the Decepticons and went to the Omega Lock's location. There, however, they met the Decepticons' deal: to give them the Omega Keys or to see their human allies die.[3]

In Predacons Rising, Smokescreen and Ultra Magnus drove down to the Sea of Rust to look for Starscream and Shockwave. Smokescreen remarked on how someone should rename the Sea of Rust. They were attacked by two new Predacons and engaged them. Smokescreen used the Phase Shifter and escaped with Ultra Magnus, who was badly injured.



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