"The most dangerous vermin ever to crawl upon the face of Cybertron."
Ratchet on scraplets.
"All Scraplets do is dismantle machinery and eat anything metal, especially living metal."
Bulkhead on scraplets diet.

Scraplets are Cybertronian wildlife that survives by eating metal even if that metal are Cybertronians such as Autobots and Decepticons. They can eat metal but always go for living metal when it is near their location. They are a predator and a nuisance to Cybertronians. Scraplets are very annoying and dangerous to Cybertronians despite their "adorable" look. Scraplets will ignore humans, since humans are not made out of metal and thus not considered food by the Scraplets.

Why Scaplets don't eat each other is unknown. Probably because they are always looking for metal to eat.


Transformers: PrimeEdit

Scraplets were known to be a dangerous pest on Cybertron, to the point that the Cybertronians created giant traps to capture them and jettison them into space. One such trap landed on Earth in one of the polar regions, where the extreme cold kept the Scraplets in stasis. They were inadvertently freed after Team Prime discovered the trap and brought it back to their base, unaware of its nature. Rafael encountered one scraplet and brought it back to show the others, which the Bumblebee, Bulkhead, and Ratchet all panicked. They explained how dangerous scraplets are, despite the kids thinking they were harmless. Rafael's scraplet, who was named Scrappy by Miko, attacked Bumblebee by nearly devouring him until Bumblebee took it off for Rafael to smash it into pieces. The rest of the scraplets devoured most parts of the Autobot Outpost Omega One from the inside out, with their actions leaving Optimus Prime and Arcee trapped on the other end of the Autobots' Ground Bridge and the others gravely wounded by the Scraplets' efforts to devour them. Fortunately, the Autobots were assisted by their three human allies as they were able to repair the bridge. Bulkhead used himself as bait as he lured the Scraplets back through to the polar region where the intense cold caused them to freeze and perish.

Another Scraplet swarm was encountered by Jackson Darby on Cybertron during the search for Vector Sigma. They attempted to devour the ancient computer while Jack was downloading a backup of the Matrix of Leadership from it, and were only thwarted by the arrival of an Insecticon whom Jack drew their attention to. The helpless Decepticon was promptly devoured, allowing Jack to complete his mission.


Scraplets are able to fly and are usually seen in large swarms. Their jaws contain dozens of spinning, rotating teeth that are able to chew through thick armor plating. A swarm of scraplets is able to devour a Cybertronian in less than a minute.


Due to their swarming mentality, Scraplets can be easily baited into traps and such. They are vulnerable to extreme subzero temperatures, which can freeze them almost instantly. They have no taste whatsoever for organic beings, which means that humans and other life forms can approach them without fear, they also seem to behave like puppy dogs around humans.


  • Scraplets made their first appearance in Scrapheap and their last appearance in Orion Pax, Part 3.
  • They are referred, by Ratchet, as "the most dangerous vermin ever to crawl upon the face of Cybertron." 
  • Scraplets are like termites on Earth. Except termites eat wood and Scraplets eat metal.
  • They can be considered a combination of piranhas, and Siafu or African Army Ants in Earth biology.


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