General Rufus Madison, nicknamed Mad Dog is a general in the United States military and heads a highly-advanced weapons development program aimed at developing robotic battle suits.
200px-Titan4.10 Mad Dog Madison


General Madison was extremely disappointed by the Us government's decision to shut down his experimental weapons division, but when Colonel Leech gave him the news that a rival department operating in Jasper, Nevada were appeared to have stolen the battlesuits' designs, Madison then decided to show the competition he was made of. He then led a group of six men in robotic battlesuits to the Deep Driller where he created a false report which atrracted the Autobots' attention. Once Team Prime arrived there, a brief battle broke between the two groups. After a brief battle, Madison soon discovered that they're not humans in battle suits at all just Transformers.

When the military arrived, he was strapped in a troller and taken away.

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