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Rack n' Ruin is an Autobot-or rather a pair of Autobots joined together-who became a member of the Wreckers.


Transformers: RetributionEdit

Rack n' Ruin joined the Wreckers after they were experimented on by Shockwave, who was responsible for their being joined together. They took part in a mission to rescue Alpha Trion that also included Ultra Magnus, Jetfire, Wheeljack, and Maccadam. After succeeding, they engaged the invading Sharkticons, and also prepared to destroy the Archives of Iacon to keep their knowledge out of the tentacles of the Quintessons. When the Sharkticon army was routed due to the conflict on Aquatron, Rack n' Ruin took the explosives intended for the Archives and planted them on Shockwave's Tower, bringing down the hated structure.