The first Primes, The Thirteen

Prime is a rank that is the highest possible distinction on Cybertron. The original had their power flowing through their very CNA. Currently their power is something that is bestowed only to those that carry the Matrix of Leadership.

It's retroactively derived from Primus, the living creator-god of all the Transformers.

According to Unicron and Megatron, the Primes possess immense power almost that of Primus'.

According to Smokescreen, many on Cybertron wish to become Primes. Optimus Prime almost made Smokescreen a Prime and almost passed down the Matrix to Smokescreen when Optimus was severely damaged under the base's destruction. It all changed when Smokescreen used the Forge to restore Optimus in a new body.

When Optimus merged the AllSpark with the Matrix, and thus his spark, he willingly flew into Cybertron's core sacrificing himself so that life could flourish on Cybertron once more. 

Notable PrimesEdit



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