Vital Statistics
Species Cybertronian
Rank Prime
Status Unknown

  Prima was the first Transformer born on Cybertron and the leader of the Thirteen. He was a warrior of light who used the Star Saber with the Matrix of Leadership as its hilt.



Prima with the original Primes.

Star Saber Pre

Long ago in a galaxy far away...

Prima was the first of the children of Primus. Being one of the first two, Prima had a "dark twin" in Megatronus who had Unicron-like traits contrasting Prima's Primus-like essence. Prima's plan to defeat Unicron succeeded but at the cost of implanting a seed of darkness in all Thirteen.

Prima concerned himself with government and creating a new society but was highly paranoid and even calculated which of his brothers had greater Unicron-like traits. His group of the Thirteen consisited of himself, Alpha Trion and Vector Prime.

When life did flourish, Prima desired to teach them regarding transformation and the Transformation Cog but Alpha Trion convinced him the time was not right. Prima later fought against Predaking to protect his "humanoid" followers from the Predacons.

Matters would be complicated when meteroids struck the planet, followed by a massive solar flare that caused intense heat and radiation. The remaining Primes gathered all Cybertronians underground and taught them to initiate stasis-lock. Prima, however, made no effort to help the Predacons and let them all die screaming and burning.

Prima was never seen again after saving his people. His sword survived, ensuring his legacy would live on.


Prima was an excellent warrior and leader but proved to be slightly paranoid and distrustful. He was self aware enough not to be pompous towards his fellow Primes but he was always convinced he was right and 'in the right' all the time, this made him a very difficult bot to deal with, but it did stand him in good stead in a fight. He shunned his "twin" Megatronus and Liege Maximo and was even paranoid of them after the Chaos-Bringer was defeated. He felt that they were both chaotically evil while he Prima and others were lawfully good.

However, Prima was very dedicated to the cause of bringing life to Cybertron and willingly engaged in one-to-one combat with a deadly foe to protect his people. It is believed his last act of life was protecting the lives of Cybertronian citizens.

He did hold grudges however, as he left the Predacons to die rather teach them stasis-lock.

He was slighlty arrogant due to possessing the Star Saber, being the first Prime and the first child of Primus.


Alpha TrionEdit

Prima got along very well with Alpha Trion, even though they clashed on some issues. The two led the initial Cybertronians and helped lay the foundations for a society.

Vector PrimeEdit

Prima got along very well with Vector Prime welcoming his input both as a warrior and advisor. Prima, considered Vector Prime excellent for a role in leadership.

Megatronus Prime/The FallenEdit

Prima shunned Megatronus due to his Unicron-like traits contrasting Prima's Primus-heavy influence. Megatronus showed contempt due to this. Prima's intense distrust and focus on Megatronus allowed Liege Maximo to perform secret experiments. After the conflict of the Thirteen, it appears the twins made up.

Liege MaximoEdit

Though not distrustful to the extent he was with Megatronus, Prima distrusted the Liege and thought him sneaky. He was correct, but his paranoia about Megatronus allowed Maximo to make much progress in his work.

Solus PrimeEdit

Prima and Solus Prime hated each other intensely. Prima thought she was too care-free while she thought he was too strict. The time she acknowledged he was right regarding an issue, she cursed him at the end of the discussion. Prima showed no sadness at her death and instead used it to try and rally the remaining Thirteen against Megatronus.

Optimus PrimeEdit

Optimus was described as Prima's second, giving him advice and agreeing with his plans. Optimus however, disapproved of Prima's prejudice against Megatronus and often tried to mediate things between the two.


Prima hated Predaking, considering him nothing more than a savage. Prima willingly fought him, but spared his life due to the belief he was better than Predaking. When the Great Cataclysm struck, Prima left Predaking to die.

Backround in other MediaEdit

  • In some incarnations, Prima's face was the inspiration for the Autobot symbol.


  • He ironically became that which he hated, a being with traits of Unicron. This is shown in a number of his relationships, like his dislike of Solus Prime and especially shown in his rivalry with Predaking, as he assumed he was better than him and showed no qualms about abandoning a whole species to die, something Unicron threatened to do in One Shall Rise Part 2.