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Predacon insignia

Predacons are a fierce predatory race of ancient Cybertronians that were wiped out in the Great Cataclysm on Cybertron. Their remains were left inside Cybertron's plates, within its outer shell. Shockwave used their C.N.A. to resurrect them as clones for the Decepticon cause against the Autobots in hopes of winning the war in their favor. However, this backfired as Megatron came to believe the Predacons might betray their cause for their own purposes after the latest clone, who called himself Predaking, displayed intelligence and the ability to transform, in addition to his incredible power. Upon a suggestion made by Starscream, Megatron ordered Shockwave to let the Autobots destroy the clones and the clones died out, all except for one

It is believed that Onyx Prime is the ancestor and father to all the Predacons.

Description and Background

Predacons appear to be stronger than most other Cybertronians, as no Autobot or Decepticon has been seen to single-handedly defeat one. Megatron was able to toss Predaking out of an airlock because Starscream shot Predaking in the back, which distracted the raging Predacon.

In Predacons Rising, Shockwave cloned two new Predacons after the death of Megatron. Starscream said they were planning to build an army powerful enough to conquer Cybertron in their Masters' name. This plan was delayed as Unicron took over Megatron's body to destory Cybertron. Unicron brings back the undead Predacons and this results in the Autobots, Decepticon and Predacons to form an alliance to stop him. Optimus defeated Unicron by trapping him inside the Allspark's container and the undead Predacons crumbled to dust before they could enter the core

Since the Predacons at the end of the film were not seen turning against the Autobots, they may have proved Bumblebee's hope: That more than one race can peacefully coexist on the planet. 

List of known Predacons

Transformers Prime cartoon



Predacons were the dominating race of Cybertron before Cybertronian history even began. They mostly had the alternate forms of dragons, however some Predacons have other beast modes. However they went extinct from unknown causes during the Great Cataclysm.

Shockwave rediscovered a piece of Predacon C.N.A. and cloned it to resurrect their species, then forged a perfect clone of their original leader, Predaking. After successfully doing so, Shockwave brought the beast to Earth as a means of hunting the Autobots. Predaking was sent to terminate Bulkhead and Wheeljack and almost succeeded, but the intervention of Ultra Magnus stopped him from completing his mission. Predaking was however able to withstand most attacks swung at him. 

After Bombshock retrieved a Predacon fossil, Megatron revealed to Starscream that during the War on Cybertron, he created a small army of Predacon clones and dispatched them to Earth to eliminate all Autobot stationary forces and bases, as well as securing Energon deposits for the Decepticon cause. They waited for Megatron's arrival, but soon died out and their fossilized remains were buried deep within the earth.

Megatron restarted the plan to clone Predacons and had Starscream gather roughly two dozen Predacon fossils to clone them. When the project was roughly three days from completion the existing Predacon, now Predaking, revealed his sentience the Decepticons created a plan to make seem like the Autobots destroyed the clones to avoid Predaking's rage.

After the Decepticons were down to Shockwave and Starscream, running around on Cybertron the two restarted Project Predacon as a last ditch effort to destroy the Autobots. Two new Predacons were created Darksteel and Skylynx while Starscream searched the fields for more fossils. The four eventually found a large Predacon graveyard only to have all the fossils turned into Terrorcons by the Unicron-possessed MegatronPredaking later showed up and "convinced" his brothers to follow his leadership. After Unicron's defeat the three Predacons retreated to Darkmount to exact revenge on Starscream. They now currently live side by side with the Autobots, having proven that they can exist together, like Bumblebee stated.


  • Many Predacons appear to have a large contrast between their beast and robot modes. In beast mode, they are feral and cannot speak, while in robot mode they are incredibly formal and never use any contractions. Darksteel is the exception as he is seemingly feral in both modes.
  • Predacons are unique in that their primary mode is their Beast mode.
  • Predacons appear to be Cybertron's version of Earth's dinosaurs, which were the basis for the Dinobots.
  • Predaking is the leader of all Predacons. If you don't believe that is true, then watch Predacons Rising.
  • In Predacons Rising, a Predacon was seen to be growing in Shockwave's laboratory, it is unknown what happened to it.
  • All Predacons dislikes Starscream due his mistreatment of them.
  • In Predacons Rising, Unicron made a legion of the Predacons. But he made all the Terrorcons which were made of Dark Energon to attack the very core of Cybertron, Primus.
  • They could be consider as Decepticons because they were allied to them and that they were Decepticon creations.
  • Predacons are not seen to eat any bot or human in the show. They just bite, breathe fire, or use their claws in a fight. However, in the Covenant of Primus the Predacons were stated to hunt other Cybertronians and drink their energon.
  • Despite Predaking, Darksteel and Skylynx being the only male Predacons, no female Predacons have made an appearance or are mentioned by any of the males. Although, Ripclaw was seen in Predacons Rising, but only in shockwave's lab.
  • The Predacons are probably not evil, despite their predatory nature.


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