300px-MetalAttraction gauntlet

Arcee being awesome with the relic

The Polarity Gauntlet is a powerful device that grants the user a complete control over the forces of magnetism. They can be used to draw objects to or push metal away from the wielder, as well as magnetizing metal objects in various ways. For a race of beings made largely out of metal such as the Transformers, such a weapon is a force to be reckoned with. These devices were invented by the Decepticons during the Great War.

It was unknown on how it got to Earth but it emitted a magnetic signature. Its signal alerted both bots and cons. Breakdown got to it first until Airachnid came and fought him for it. Both cons were battling Arcee and Bulkhead for it until Breakdown gained it and activated it. It magnetized the pair and Breakdown got away only to get ambushed by Airachnid. Arcee managed to blast the gauntlet out of her hands. But activated it again, pulling all metal objects to it. It drew Breakdown through his web that Airachnid imprisoned him in. He deactivated it. Airachnid grabed the gauntlet and pulled Arcee to fight personally. Arcee grabbed it not letting it go and mangaged to reclaim it. Arcee made it so everyone was polarized but the spider got her hands on it until Bulkhead handed it to the motorbike.

They advised Ratchet to not to use it indoors.

Bumblebee took the Polarity Gauntlet out of the storage to Cybertron preparing for a battle that would determin their planets survival. The scout dropped debris on the Vehicons and removed the Omega Keys from them and each bot took one. At the Omega Lock Bee handed over the gauntlet for Raf and it was caught in the explosion of the Omega Lock caused by Optimus Prime.

Knock Out retrieved it from Cybertron and placed it in the relic vault upon the Nemesis amongst Airachnid's stasis pod, the Star Saber, the Resonance Blaster, the Apex Armor and the Forge of Solus Prime.

Bumblebee used the polarity gauntlet against Unicron in Predacons Rising.


Known UsersEdit

Known VictimsEdit

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