Plus One
Season 3, Episode 7
I'm Knock Out
Air date May 31st, 2013
Written by Greg Weisman
Directed by Todd Waterman
Main Character(s) Agent Fowler
June Darby
Knock Out
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 Plus One is the seventh episode of the third season of Transformers: Prime. Fifty-ninth episode of the series overall.


Arcee teams with Wheeljack, while Agent Fowler finds himself in a tight squeeze with Jack's mother, June Darby.


Raf picks up a signal from Scotland and GroundBridges Wheeljack back to the Autobot base. Arcee asks why he's returned alone, and Wheeljack disdainfully notes that the mission was a failure, and that the rest of his team will be returning via Ultra Magnus's ship. Fowler emerges from his office with reports of Decepticon activity in New Mexico. With Optimus Prime's team still in Texas and the rest of the Wreckers still en route, that leaves Arcee and Wheeljack to continue the hunt for Predacon remains. They bridge to Fowler's coordinates and end up right in the middle of a squadron of Vehicons. The two Autobots take them out quickly, impressing one another with their skills.

June arrives at the Autobot base to pick up medical supplies being donated by Fowler, who asks her to call him "William". Raf announces that he's discovered a Predacon talon in a museum, kept in storage because scientists didn't know how to classify it. Fowler volunteers to retrieve the fossil, and invites June to accompany him. She's reluctant at first, but is angered by the hypocrisy in Jack forbidding her from endangering herself, and agrees to go.

On the outer hull of the Nemesis, Megatron praises his new 'pet' for successfully retrieving the fossil from Scotland. Knock Out reports the discovery of another Predacon energy signature, and Megatron orders him to acquire it. Starscream arrives to mock Knock Out, but Megatron halts their bickering by telling Starscream to take Knock Out's place on monitor duty. As Megatron and Knock Out return inside the ship, a frustrated Starscream kicks the Predacon's tail. The irritated beast responds with a vicious tail swipe that narrowly misses Starscream and wrecks the ship's communications array. Starscream insults the creature for wrecking the communications array adding futher flame to the beast's dislike of him, as evidenced by the way the Predacon stares at Starscream.

In a cave in New Mexico, Arcee inquires as to Wheeljack's foul mood. Wheeljack tries to brush off her questions, but Arcee persists, claiming that she knows Wheeljack only pretends to prefer working solo.

Fowler and June emerge from the museum with the Predacon talon in tow, joking about the experience and comparing past relationships. Their bonding is interrupted by the arrival of Knock Out, who renders them unconscious with a beam of light. They awake in the Decepticon's trunk moments before he speeds off into the desert, leaving June's cell phone crushed on the ground. Knock Out attempts to request a GroundBridge, but is unable to make contact with the base.

On the Nemesis, Starscream rants about the Predacon disabling their communications network while a couple of Vehicons attempt to repair it. Starscream enters an override code into a nearby computer console to reboot the system, but this only produces a shower of sparks. While all this is going on the Predacon watches Starscream and just before the next scene, the creature's eyes seem to narrow.

Jack is worrying about how long his mother is taking when he receives a call from Miko. She says that Bulkhead is worried about Wheeljack, and Jack explains that he's on a mission with Arcee. Miko is annoyed that Wheeljack would replace Bulkhead so quickly, but also admits that she expected the two lone wolves to hook up.

June and Fowler bicker within Knock Out's trunk until the Decepticon tells them to stifle themselves. He continues to attempt communication with the Nemesis, and June and Fowler begin devising an escape plan.

While digging in the cave walls, Wheeljack reveals to Arcee that Bulkhead, not Ultra Magnus, is the source of his current frustration. He feels his onetime partner has gone soft. Arcee tells him that people change and he has to either adapt or rust. She knows from experience the pain of losing a partner.

Fowler emerges from Knock Out's trunk and into his vehicle interior, forcing the startled Decepticon to stop at a railroad yard by twisting his steering wheel and slamming on the break. June races from the car with the Predacon talon and Fowler flees in the opposite direction. Knock Out transforms and quickly finds Fowler hiding amongst the freight cars. He grabs Fowler and threatens to kill him if June doesn't reveal herself and the talon.

Jack tries calling his mother and Fowler, but both of their phones go straight to voicemail. Raf innocently suggests they went to a movie.

As he lugs a Predacon spine out of the cave, Wheeljack admits that he was wrong to abandon Bulkhead like he did. Arcee receives a distress call from Jack, who is now in the museum parking lot holding his mother's crushed phone and watching a set of tire tracks lead into the desert.

At the train yard, Knock Out notices a railcar pull away, revealing a defiant June. She tells Knock Out that she hid the fossil in one of the cars, and will only tell him which after he's let Fowler go. Knock Out realizes the fossil is most likely on the departing train car, grabs June, and heads after it.

On the Nemesis, a furious Megatron discovers that communications have been down for hours. No sooner does Soundwave get the network back online than Knock Out calls again, reporting that he has the Predacon bone in his sights and Wheeljack and Arcee on his tail.

A squad of Insecticons are GroundBridged to Knock Out's location and open fire on the pursuing Autobots. Wheeljack and Arcee fight back but continue to move forward. Knock Out reaches the freight car where the bone is hidden and launches himself into the air, transforming to robot mode as he does and letting June and Fowler drop. Below, Wheeljack transforms into robot mode, catches them, and transforms back into vehicle mode with the humans inside. Knock Out snatches the fossil and makes it through the Decepticon GroundBridge before Arcee can catch him.

At the Autobot base, Jack is relieved to see his mother, but less excited that she's taken to calling Fowler "Bill". Miko teases that Jack has also lost his Autobot partner to Wheeljack. But Wheeljack and Bulkhead quickly make up, much to Miko and Jack's delight.

Back at the Nemesis, Megatron congratulates Knock Out and chastises Starscream. While Starscream again blames the Predacon's bestial stupidity, the so-called beast is busy entering Starscream's access code into the computer console from earlier, calling up the ship's information on Predacons. This shows that the beast is smarter than it appears.

Characters Edit

Autobots Decepticons Humans


Raf: "Incoming GroundBridge from Scottland."
Arcee: "Wheeljack, what happened? Where are the others?"
Raf Esquivel and Arcee[src]

Arcee: Raf set a bridge for Fowler's coordinates. And you roll with me.
Knock Out: Try as you might, you can't con a Con.


  • Predaking copies Starscream's override code to access the communication array, but he was on the wrong side of the dish to see it when Starscream first used it.
  • The communication dish on the flight deck of the Nemesis didn't exist prior to this episode. In addition, it is initially shown to be on the port side of the vessel, but is on the starboard side (and facing the opposite direction) when Soundwave is working on it.


  • This is the first (aired) Transformers story written by popular animation writer and producer Greg Weisman.
  • Vehicons are named for the first time within the series.
  • Pepper spray apparently works on Cybertronian optic sensors, just not nearly as long as it does on humans.
  • Ironically at the end, although Screamer says Predaking is unintelligent, Predaking is doing something that is extremely intelligent.
  • The dish that Predaking wrecks is similar to the navigation array that Bulkhead wrecked in Darkness Rising, Part 3".
  • This the last time Knock Out goes into the field.
  • In the Transformers Prime comic Fowler is stated to have a wife, but in this episode he admits that he is divorced.


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