Out of the Past
Season 2, Episode 17
Watch the Sunset
Air date August 31, 2012
Written by Todd Waterman
Directed by Mike Johnson
Main Character(s) Cliffjumper
Miko Nakadai
Episode Guide
New Recruit
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  Out of the Past is the seventieth episode of the second season and forty third episode overall of Transformers: Prime. It aired on August 31, 2012.


Arcee tells Miko the story of how she and Cliffjumper came to Earth.


The Nemesis flies through space. On the bridge, Arcee is dragged before Starscream who's interested in decrypting an Autobot signal he's intercepted. While Arcee defies his "offer" by telling him where to go, Starscream reveals he has another prisoner—Cliffjumper.

In the present day, Bulkhead is struggling with his recovery, with Miko providing some "encouragement" in the form of ordering him around, despite Bulkhead trying his best. Optimus Prime is similarly struggling to decode the recovered Iacon database. Ratchet says Bulkhead needs a break, despite Miko being annoyed at the slow progress her friend is making. She angrily and storm out of the base (walked by Bumblebee), but Arcee follows and finds her crying atop the plateau in which the base is located. Arcee tries to talk to her friend about Bulkhead, and the conversation leads to Miko asking about Cliffjumper.

Cliffjumper is dumped in the cell, having undergone torture but has resisted talking. He and Arcee discuss how they came to be back on Cybertron. Elsewhere Starscream complains about the failure of his interrogation, and Soundwave suggests taking them down on the planet's surface by pointing at it specifically at Shockwave's laboratory. Starscream is initially reluctant until Soundwave uses a recording of the Starscream's voice saying that the information codes were vital, then Decepticon 2nd in command relents claiming that he may as well do it as he needed to deliver Shockwave more Energon. Starscream and some Vehicons are soon leading the two prisoners through Kaon to a laboratory. Cliffjumper is concerned at the sight of the many tools lying ready to be used, even more so when Starscream introduces them to Shockwave himself. The two Autobots are strapped to tables, and Shockwave uses a cortical psychic patch to hook in to Arcee's mind. The process is successful and Starscream uses it to decode the transmission—which turns out to be Optimus Prime's message to bring the other Autobots to Earth.
Though the Decepticons have assumed Arcee is dead, she is very much alive and surreptitiously begins freeing herself. As Shockwave prepares to finish off Cliffjumper, Cliff suggests Starscream should be the one to do it. Shockwave leaves them to it, but as Starscream moves in, he's attacked by Arcee. She straps him to the free table and releases Cliffjumper. Starscream quickly folds under questioning and confesses Shockwave remained on the planet because he's building a space bridge. Knocking the 'Con out, Arcee goes to shut down the space bridge, and Cliffjumper insists on going along, despite her skepticism about his capacity for stealth. As they walk, Cliff suggests they should join Optimus's team, but Arcee isn't as keen, and rejects the idea that Cliff is her partner. Cliffjumper believes she shouldn't close herself off just because of Tailgate's death.

Miko recognizes the truth of this advice, but asks Arcee what happened next.

Arcee and Cliffjumper find the space bridge, with two Vehicons operating it. While Cliff provides a distraction, Arcee starts sabotaging the bridge to overload it. Unfortunately Shockwave arrives and attempts to fix the bridge. Cliffjumper dispatches the Vehicons before sparring with Shockwave, ultimately being defeated by the hulking Decepticon. Arcee lends a hand, bringing the roof down on the Decepticon, but the pair become pinned down by Starscream and some Vehicons. Starscream demands they reverse the damage to the space bridge, but they instead head through it. Halfway through the space bridge tunnel, Shockwave catches up with the two Autobots and they exchange fire until Arcee shoots him in the eye. The space bridge deposits Cliffjumper and Arcee on Earth seconds before exploding, and after declaring themselves partners, they go to find Optimus.

Arcee finishes her story as the sun goes down, saying she misses Cliffjumper. Miko rests her hand on Arcee's in a gesture of comfort as they watch the sunset together.


Characters in itallics appear in flashbacks.






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  • First appearance of Shockwave (Flashback)
  • Last appearance of Cliffjumper (Flashback)
  • This is the only time in the series where Arcee actually freaks out or has a mild panic attack, given her terrified and squirming reaction to the cortical psychic patch.
  • Starscream has exactly the same type of body that his jet mod.
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