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Nexus Prime, known as the Wizard of Forms, is one of the Thirteen and is the first and greatest combiner. Unpredictable, he was fascinated by change and was a light-headed prankster. He is also a wielder of the Omni Saber and Cyber Caliber.


Nexus was among the Thirteen created by Primus to defeat Unicron and witnessed the activation of the Well of Allsparks. He was good friends with Solus Prime and was thought of as a joker, though Alpha Trion never once laughed at his jokes.

Nexus appears in Transformers: Exiles, where he was formed from two Velocitronians - Clocker and Mainspring, one Cybertronian named Chaindrive, and two Junkions - Cannonspring and Pinion; each one holding a fragment of the Cyber Caliber.


  • Nexus Prime was originally called Nexus Maximus, when the character was first introduced; however, it was later discovered that this was a trademarked name belonging to an adult product, and thus Maximus was replaced with Prime.

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