The Neutron Assault Rifle distorts the equilibrium of its target by blasting it with sonic booms. Once disoriented, the attacker can close in with a melee attack.


War for CybertronEdit

Neutron Assault Rifles were one of the most common weapons in use during the Great War. They were well-balanced and used a large clip of ammunition with a decent amount of punch behind its unassuming frame. They were toted by both Scientist and Soldier classes. The rifle has the following in-game stats: Damage: 5 Range: 5 Accuracy: 5 Rate of Fire: 8 Max Load: 244 Rounds Per Mag: 32 Rounds

Fall of CybertronEdit

They were still in use during the latter days of the war in the lead-up to the launch of the Ark. This weapon has the following base in-game stats: Damage: 4 Range: 5 Accuracy: 5 Rate of Fire: 8 This weapon can be modified in multiplayer/escalation with the following upgrades: Amplifier Pak - Increases the amount of reserve ammo Cyber Optics - Increases weapon accuracy Quantum Stabilizer - Completely eliminates recoil P.O.K.E Beta - Experimental melee energy blade that one hit kills enemies


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