Neutral Cybertronian

A Civilian declining to ally with Megatron shortly killed after his decision.

Neutrals are Transformers who renounced the ideas of factions or refused to be involved in the Great War. While some resisted joining any faction by choice, others defining themselves not by faction but by world, as the war drags on, the majority aren't suited for combat or maybe combat-suited but only for self-defense. 

While they're called "Neutrals" by the Autobots. The Decepticons called them "target practice".


Aligned ContinuityEdit


The Seekers (except Starscream's troops) and the Praxians were neutral during the war until they were attacked by the Decepticons, being forced to fight back.

War For CybertronEdit

On the space station controlled by Starscream, most of the workers and guards onboard were neutral. However, Megatron, Brawl and Barricade have fun shooting them all into bits and imprisoning them while on their way to the Dark Energon storage area, mentioning that they're target practice to them.

Most of the Neutrals were seen sporting Autobot-like colors, mostly blue with some brown and blacks, along with yellow glowy parts.

It is currently unknown if they left Cybertron just as the Autobots and Decepticons did during the Great Exodus. Most of them were scattered to the winds.

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