Nemesis prime
Vital Statistics
Alias Project Chimera
Species Man-made Cybertronian
Rank MECH Soldier
Status Destroyed
Production details
First appearance Nemesis Prime
Last appearance Nemesis Prime
Voiced by Peter Cullen


"I am Optimus Prime, leader of the Autobots and I bring you this message..."
―Nemesis Prime before opening fire on the Human Military.[src]

Nemesis Prime is a mindless human-manufactured Transformer created by MECH, controlled remotely by a single human operator. In order to cause psychological as well as physical damage, the machine was built in the exact likeness of Optimus Prime, the leader of the Autobots.


Nemesis Prime was fully functional and built by MECH when they obtained some of Breakdown's parts (which included stealing his right optic) and Starscream's T-Cog. Its first task was to drive Agent Fowler off the road and made him crash into a side of a bridge until the Autobots came to save Fowler and fend off Nemesis Prime. Arcee went to follow Nemesis Prime only for it to knock her unconscious in its vehicle mode. Its next task was to invade and attack an Alden Military Base. It blasted some vehicles but was soon confronted by the Autobots and escaped from the scene. The base's vehicles were destroyed and the real Optimus Prime was blamed for it.

Nemesis Prime confronted and took out the Autobots one by one when they were closing in on MECH's base. It soon fought Optimus Prime, which took about a lengthy battle. Nemesis Prime was impervious to pain and was able to shove its blade into Optimus. Just as it was about to finish off Optimus, Agent Fowler was able to get Silas away from Nemesis Prime's controls long enough for Optimus to get up and beat it. Optimus dominates Nemesis as it collapses inside the bunker underneath Silas's controls where Silas was soon caught in the falling rubble and Nemesis Prime's body. As a result, Nemesis Prime was out of commission, permanently.


Nemesis Prime is capable of operating both in a semi-rig truck and a humanoid combat robot with the same strength, agility and firepower as the original and real Optimus Prime. Only one exception with MECH leader, Silas in control of Nemesis Prime. Having no mind of its own, it has none of Prime's moral strengths and lacks any form of pain receptors, making it an utterly merciless killer machine. 

It is voiced by Peter Cullen while imitating Optimus Prime and Clancy Brown when Silas speaking through him.



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