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Miko's phone is a pink flip-up cellphone with some extraordinary properties. It appears to be nigh-indestructible, and its camera is capable of taking remarkably detailed photos. Miko Nakadai snaps off pictures with it all the time, making its internal memory a potential source of intel, should the Decepticons ever get their hands on it.

Transformers: Prime Edit

Miko got a call from her host parents while she was sitting outside the Jasper school. She ignored the call, but was distracted long enough for Arcee to drive away unseen.  When the kids found themselves on the Nemesis, Jack yelled at Miko to take a photo. She took a picture of the Vehicon attacking them, before Jack clarified he meant a picture of the computer display they'd found. They were thus able to take the information back to base, where Ratchet discovered it comprised schematics for a space bridge She whipped the phone out to take a photo of Soundwave, when the three kids encountered him at a radio telescope.

She used her phone to take a photo of Bulkhead and Wheeljack before the latter left Earth in his spaceship.  When Miko and Bulkhead were sent to Greece to investigate a possible Energon deposit, she snapped a shot of an ancient fresco. As the painting was subsequently destroyed during a fight with Breakdown, the photo was invaluable in identifying the Energon Harvester it depicted. The kids were sent to a museum to steal the harvester, and Miko used her phone to take a photo of the statue holding it, before balancing her phone on a security camera so that the museum guard wouldn't notice their activities. Unfortunately vibrations from a battle outside knocked the phone off-center and Miko was subsequently captured by the guard. Agent Fowler returned her phone to her when he later bailed her out.

On another occasion, Miko was running for the GroundBridge so she could follow the Autobots and watch them fight when Jack tried to stop her. Though he failed to prevent her from going in, her cellphone was dislodged and fell to the floor. When the kids were lost, Bulkhead tried to ring Miko, at which point he found her phone laying near the GroundBridge. The kids were trapped in a shadowzone dimension, but had enough cellphone signal that Jack was able to send a text message to Miko's phone saying "In alternate dimension with zombie. Help." Bulkhead eventually noticed the flashing phone, and the message supplied the missing information needed to rescue the kids.

When Miko pulled out her phone to take a photo of Bulkhead and Arcee fighting Breakdown and Airachnid, it was pulled from her hand by the polarity gauntlet that Breakdown was wielding. After hovering in the air for a few moments, it became stuck to Bulkhead's magnetized chest, and Miko was unable to dislodge it, so it pretty much stayed there while Bulkhead and Arcee went to retrieve the gauntlet. Somehow it managed to survive the battle, and Miko used it to take a photo of the new battle scars Bulkhead had picked up. 

Miko used her phone to record and compile highlights of a monster truck rally she and Bulkhead sneaked into. When a week later she followed Bulkhead into a battle, she called Ratchet to try and arrange a GroundBridge to take the Cybertronian data cylinder they were after back to base. While trying to jog Bulkhead's memory, she showed off the picture of him and Wheeljack on her phone. She instead took Bulkhead to the monster truck track, but when Knock Out and Breakdown arrived, she discovered the Decepticons had set up a jamming field, blocking her phone signal. 

During a mission in the Manhattan subways, Miko used her phone to call base so that Fowler could deputize Vogel, ensuring the subway worker's silence.  The phone was also capable of transmitting video back to the Jackhammer in real-time when Miko reconned an energon mine for Wheeljack.

While on the run from the Decepticons, Miko pulled out her phone, causing Bulkhead to remind her that using it would give away their position. She told him she was merely going to play a game she'd already downloaded.  She used it to take a photo of Bulkhead and Wheeljack, after the Wrecker caught up with them.  As a means of dividing the Decepticon forces, Miko used the phone to order pizza in New York and allowed several Vehicons to find her as she bridged back to the Harbinger. 

Miko later used the phone to call Jack at base asking about Wheeljack who had up and left during their previous mission, later making several romantic implications about Wheeljack and Arcee through the phone.

Notes Edit

  • Miko's phone is not part of her character model, nor does she appear to have any pockets in her outfit. She usually produces the phone from behind her waist or from out of shot.
  • It appears to be a BlackBerry® Pearl 8220 model phone with the logo above the screen removed, though a BlackBerry logo can still be seen on one of the function keys.
  • The phone has been used as a means of interfering with the Decepticons' plans on more than one occasion.

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