We're gonna cut you open. We know you'll escape, thats why we have you reserved for season 2.

"The world in which we live is a different one than previously imagined. One which has spawned its own Decepticons in human skin."
― Optimus Prime on MECH in Convoy.

MECH was an organization working in opposition to the United States government. They seek to create a "new world order" through the application of the cutting-edge technology including Cybertronian technology and biology. They are described as Decepticons in 'human skin' by Optimus Prime after he met them.


They have learned about the existence of both Autobots and Decepticons ever since their encounter with them in Convoy. They planned to incorporate Cybertronian technology to pursue their agenda for the world. They even have kidnapped Breakdown and tortured him almost to the point of death. They also sided with Airachnid to kidnap June Darby so that Jack Darby could bring Arcee. They came close to nearly disecting Arcee but they escaped when Agent Fowler arrived.

MECH is also very resourceful when it comes to obtaining information. Their agents are all in the ranks of government United States and abroad. They owe sovereignty to no nation.

After Breakdown was killed by Airachnid, MECH gathered his remains and took them to their base. Nemesis Prime, the product of Project Chimera, was defeated by Optimus Prime and ended up falling on top of Silas, severely injuring him fatally. The men were able to remove his very damaged body from underneath Nemesis Prime and planned to save him by merging him with the remains of Breakdown.

After saving Silas, he felt he should only be in the company of machines, so he killed his men. With Cylas' death by Airachnid, MECH was no longer heard or seen since. 

Notable MembersEdit

Transformers who have allied with MECHEdit


Trivia Edit

  • MECH is extremely popular for use in fan fiction based on or inspired by Transformers: Prime. They are often portrayed as having survived beyond Silas' cold blood massacre in some way and being genuine threats to Cybertronians. This is rather ironic, however, because for most of the show the Autobots considered them a secondary threat and even the Decepticons barely acknowledged their existence at all. Cybertronians had pretty good reason not to fear them.
  • MECH is a close organization with Cemetery Wind, which this group was the primary antagonists in Transformers: Age of Extinction. Both human groups have attacked Cybertronians with Earthly based weaponry. Both groups have also aligned themselves with the Decepticons or enemies of the Autobots to hunt for their prey.


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