Vital Statistics
Species Cybertronian
Status Online

  Kup is an Autobot veteran who loves to tell war stories to new recruits and good advise to other fellow Autobots even in the midst of combat with the Decepticons. Hot Shot isn't particularly fond working with him. Grimlock is his biggest fan.


Transformers: RetributionEdit

Kup was aboard the Ark when it reached Aquatron. He came to the surface with Optimus Prime and met The Curator. He and Hot Shot were given a tour of the city by the Gamekeeper. When the Decepticons came to talk of peace, Optimus had Kup defend the Energon store, suspecting the Decepticons might try to steal it. Prime's suspisions came to pass and Kup led the Autobots in massive fight that ravaged the Quintesson city. Kup left on the Ark in the aftermath.



Kup in the Transformers Prime Top Trumps

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