Knock, Knock
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Air date November 2, 2015 (through Youtube)
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  Knock, Knock is a Transformers: Robots in Disguise short that serves to introduce the Cyclone Mini-Cons Backtrack and Ransack.


Fracture and his Mini-Cons discover other new Mini-Cons.


Fracture, Airazor and Divebomb come across a Stasis Cell in the woods. Fracture orders his Mini-Cons to open it. Upon discovering that the pod contained the Cyclone Mini-Con Backtrack, Fracture was determined to add the Cyclone to his entourage, despite Airazor and Divebomb warning him that Cyclones couldn't be reasoned with. After attempting to get the Cyclone into servitude through his command, Fracture found himself bested by another unstable Mini-Con Cyclone, Ransack, who jumps on Fracture's back to hit Fracture's head twice before the first Cyclone that Fracture was trying to persuade threw its rocks at Fracture, thus leaving Fracture to fall to the ground. The pair of Cyclones then depart to cause more trouble. Airazor and Divebomb checked on Fracture but he proved he was fine as he punched Airazor and as his Mini-Cons reattached themseleves to his shoulders, Fracture vowed to make the pair of Cyclones his own.

Background InformationEdit

  • The short was first released on Cartoon



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