Vital statistics
Alias Rust Brained Coward (by Scorponok)
Buffoon (by Glowstrike)
Species Cybertronian (Insecticon)
Production details
First appearance Lockout (Robots in Disguise)
Fall of Cybertron (Video Game)
Voiced by Liam O'Brien (RID)
Troy Baker (FOC/ROTDS)

Kickback is one of first three Insecticons under Shockwave during the Great Exodus. To date, Kickback is the only insecticon to acquire a vehicle mode. He turns into a Formula One-style dragster.

In Transformers: Robots in Disguise, he resembles as a grasshopper.


Rise of the Dark Spark

Kickback, along with Sharpshot and Hardshell were first discovered by Shockwave near two gates of Crystal City. Kickback fought Shockwave after the latter successfully defeated Hardshell. He fought Shockwave with a rocket launcher. Kickback was soon defeated however. After pinning down Sharpshot, the leader of the trio, Shockwave gave them the offer to join the Decepticons. The trio accepted. Kickback and Hardshell are not seen again until Fall of Cybertron.

Fall of Cybertron

As Cybertron's core shut down, the Insecticons made their way up further to the surface to find Energon. Shockwave came across Kickback, Sharpshot, and Hardshell and convinced them to join the ranks of the Decepticons.

Kickback and his brothers accompanied Shockwave as they ran a test on Grimlock. However the subject withstood the tests and Kickback left with his brothers and Shockwave. Later Grimlock escaped captivity so Kickback volunteered his services to stop him and help unlock his beast mode function. Kickback lead Grimlock through the Insecticon layers of Shockwave's tower and ambushed him with multiple Insecticons at once. However Grimlock was able to override Shockwave's programming and transformed into a T-rex. After Grimlock destroyed all the Insecticons, Kickback attempted to escape, only for the exit door to come slamming down on him thanks to Slug. The Autobot proceeded to walk over Kickback with a sarcastic cry of "Excuse me."

Kickback apparently survived and had gone deep underground along with several Insecticons.

Beast Hunters

When Swoop infiltrated Shockwave's citadel in the Sea of Rust, he was ambushed by Insecticons and suffered some major damage to his chest thanks to Kickback. Kickback, Hardshell and Sharpshot later stood by Shockwave's side when the rest of the Lightning Strike Coalition Force arrived to save the captured Swoop. After the rest of the Coalition had been captured and experimented upon, Kickback was sent by Shockwave to dispose of Sludge, who the scientist considered too weak to bother reactivating. The Insecticon happily obliged, sticking the stasis-locked Autobot to the wall of an underground tunnel. Sometime later, after Cybertron's remaining population retreated under the surface, Kickback led a group of Insecticons. They coexisted with the Forged, a faction of Shockwave's personal acolytes, until Insecticons began turning up dead, with the energon drained from their corpses. The Insecticons accused the Forged of cannibalism, which they denied, so the hive proceeded to attack and wipe out the acolytes in what they believed was an act of self-preservation. Shortly after the battle, the Dinobots Sludge and Snarl arrived, investigating the same spate of cannibalism, and the Insecticons attacked them. Kickback wound up in single combat with Sludge, whereupon he taunted the Dinobot with his casual disposal by Shockwave and the time it took for him to be found. However, Sludge was able to overpower the Insecticon and proceeded to interrogate him. Kickback repeated his belief that the Forged were the cannibals and that his Insecticons had killed them in defense. Although Snarl verified the Insecticons had indeed not fed on the Forged, Sludge executed his prisoner anyway, citing the atrocities he would almost certainly commit in the future.

Kickback however, survived the injuries sustained by Sludge, and was arrested and placed in the Alchemor.

Transformers: Robots in Disguise

Kickback was one of the prisoners aboard the Alchemor when it crashed, freeing him from stasis. After escaping, he tried to join up with Steeljaw's gang, only for the Decepticons to tie him up and use him as bait to lure the Autobots away from their scrapyard base. The Autobots freed him from his restraints, prompting the toadying Kickback to ask if the Autobots needed a new sidekick. When they refused his offer, Kickback used his side kick to escape from his captors, whereupon he immediately transformed and drives away out of sight.

In Metal Meltdown, Kickback had already encountered another group of Decepticons as they were located in a swamp with the back end section of the Alchemor as their base. He was sent by Scorponok and Glowstrike to scavenge some items that they listed for him to retrieve. He managed to gain some required junk and checked off some of the times (which he also had a My Little Pony toy in his list that he wanted to get) in a garbage area where Steeljaw has approached him. Kickback immediately backed away and recognized Steeljaw as the guy who used Kickback as bait to lure the Autobots. Steeljaw attempts to apologize to Kickback about that ordeal as he extended his hand to Kickback, but Kickback declines Steeljaw's apology. Steeljaw then attempts to recruit Kickback in a different team, though Kickback revealed that he is already in a team as they "appreciated" Kickback from the start. Kickback knocks Steeljaw in the air as he drives away. Unwittingly, Kickback led Steeljaw to the Alchemor with the other Decepticons. On his way into the ship, a number of various Decepticons passed him and caught up with two Chompazoids who were guarding the door leading to Scorponok and Glowstrike's room. When Kickback was called in, Saberhorn deliberately bumps Kickback on his left shoulder as he passed by him. Kickback presented his junk to his bosses, who were somewhat unimpressed at his competence. Kickback had asked if he gets some sort of reward, which Glowstrike merely shoots at Kickback to make him leave the room.

Kickback was among the Decepticons on the Alchemor when the Autobots activated a stasis bomb, freezing all of the escaped prisoners for shipment back to Cybertron in Decepticon Island (Part 2).


Video Games

"Robots in Disguise"

Season 2


  • He also tends to repeat words at the end of sentences, as Shrapnel did in the original cartoon. But whereas Shrapnel's was a sort of echo, Kickback's is a psychotic repetition.
  • What with Hardshell and (supposedly) Sharpshot's deaths, Kickback is apparently the last surviving member of the original Insecticons.


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