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June Darby
Vital statistics
Alias Helicopter mom
Age late 30s
Species Human
Production details
First appearance Darkness Rising, Part 1
Voiced by Markie Post

June Darby is Jack's mother and is one of the only adult civilian humans to know of the autobots. She was initially unaware of the Autobots' existence for long until she was targeted by MECH and Airachnid. She was saved by Jack and Arcee and told the whole truth, after which Jack and Arcee took her to the Autobot Base to meet the rest of Team Prime. June also revealed to Arcee that Jack's dad left them and that is why she's overprotective, fearing she might lose him too. She also seems a bit too focused on things being 'normal', even when the circumstances obviously throw normalcy out the window.

Jack and his motorcycle

June called Jack in Darkness Rising, Part 1. June Darby was introduced in Darkness Rising, Part 2, where Jack had brought a motorcycle into their garage. She questioned him and allowed him to keep it, as long as Jack wore his helmet every time he rides. She also hopes he would take her out for a ride. June returns in Crisscross where she catches Jack breaking his curfew and failing to do his job at the burger shop. June thinks that Jack has been street racing with his motorcycle and grounds him for that, with no use of the motorcycle. June kisses Jack on the forehead and tells him she loves him. The next day, June calls Jack and tells him that she's coming home early to make dinner for Jack. She comes home to find Jack has disobeyed her orders of not taking the motorcycle. Jack tried to tell her the origin of his new bicycle, which he tells her that his motorcycle is an alien from another world. June thinks Jack is lying and things weren't so right. One night on her way home from work, June was captured by M.E.C.H.. Jack and Arcee had to save June before M.E.C.H and Airachnid harm June. While Arcee fought Arachnid, Jack was trying to save his mom from Airachnid's web trap. June realized Jack was telling the truth about his motorcycle. In the end, Arcee introduced herself to June and Jack took June for a little trip to the base. June was surprised to see these robots and she waved to them.

June visits

June drove her way to the base to see Jack. She arrived and hugged him, with Arcee and Ratchet being the only Autobots there at the time. June said hello to them and she asked where was Optimus. Ratchet told her that Optimus went on a mission with Bumblebee. June jokingly said she wore heels just to impress Optimus, much to Jack's embarrassment. She further irritates Jack by questioning why Arcee needs Jacks help. June stayed at the base when Arcee and Bulkhead left, with Miko tagging along. Apparently Miko left the base to avoid being with June. When Arcee returned to the base, June apologized to her and Arcee accepted it.

Rafael injured

June came to the base to help with aiding Rafael, who was in critical condition after Megatron injured Rafael when he blasted at Bumblebee in vehicle mode. Ratchet was able to make his own cure for Rafael. When June checked Raf's pulse, it was stabilized and Rafael was feeling a little better.

Chaos encounter

When Optimus was rescued, June told Optimus that Raf is lucky to be alive. Optimus told her that he will do everything in his power to ensure the safety of all humans, even their human friends, are not at risk. She took Raf in her car and they drove to the hospital. However, they were almost sucked in by a tornado but Bumblebee saved them both. June hugged Jack and remained at the base. June heard as the Autobots fought against Unicron's manifestations. June was shocked at Optimus for letting Megatron into the base and Optimus ensured her that Megatron is just there to give the coordinates to Unicron's spark chamber. June and the other human watched as the Autobots and Megatron go through the Groundbridge. June suggested that the kids play a game but they did not want to. June and the humans took cover under Ratchet when an earthquake came. June was there when the Autobots told them about Optimus having amnesia and leaving with Megatron.


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