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Vital Statistics
Species Cybertronian
Status Unknown
Production details
First appearance Transformers: War for Cybertron
Voiced by Troy Baker

"I love rockets there so streamlined." - Jetfire after launching a rocket

Jetfire is a Autobot Seeker and was friends with Starscream, but had a fall-out. Jetfire is now with the Aerialbots alongside Silverbolt and Air Raid during the Great War.


War for Cybertron

Jetfire first appeared when Megatron, Brawl and Barricade entered Trypticon Station and attempts to reason with the Decepticon leader of abandoning the idea of obtaining Dark Energon, but failed. After seeing Starscream willingly defect the Decepticons, Jetfire branded him as a traitor and immediately left the station to warn Sentinel Zeta Prime about the situation.

During Megatron's siege of Iacon, Jetfire and the other Aerialbots were outnumbered and lacked surface-to-air support, causing significant losses. When Optimus took command, Jetfire specifically requested that the planetary guns be reactivated, which Optimus and his team promptly achieved. With that taken care of, he proceeded to feed tactical data and warnings whenever the still-overmatched Aerialbots could not stop all the incoming Decepticon Seekers, as well as recommendations on key targets of opportunity, including at least one Decepticon warship.

After Optimus assumed the mantle of Prime and kickstarted the Core of Cybertron's self-purging, he declared that the Autobots would have to leave their homeworld, as it would be rendered uninhabitable. However, as the transports began to leave, a powerful orbital weapon, part of Trypticon station, blasted apart every ship it could target. Prime sent Silverbolt, Air Raid, and Jetfire to take it out. Jetfire provided key knowledge during the assault, including weak points of machinery and barriers, as well as their main target of the plasma cooling system that prevented the orbital weapon from overloading. He made sure the Aerialbots stayed until the mechanism was destroyed (when the system reached 110% capacity and Air Raid was surprised it "went that high", Jetfire pointed out it didn't, and that was the point).

Megatron noted with some amusement that the Aerialbots apparently hadn't considered the possibility of backup systems, and ordered "Trypticon" to resume firing. He also entered Optimus Prime's coordinates and told it to bear on him. When Trypticon responded, Jetfire realized that the station, or at least the primary weapon, was a Cybertronian...shortly after which the team realized that they should be able to destroy its transformation systems and force it back into its normal form, which, whatever it was, had to be better than a cannon.

They found to their shock that this placed them inside Trypticon's mouth, and just barely managed to escape through the gaps between its teeth before it closed its jaws on them; it then headed for the surface, a massive jet pack controlling its descent. The Aerialbots managed to blast the pack apart, causing it to fall to Cybertron's surface like a meteor.

As Optimus, Bumblebee, and Ironhide battled the brute, which had survived the assault, the Aerialbots managed to find them and set about providing air support. However, Trypticon was much faster than they expected, taking out all three—not quite killing them, but putting them out of the fight.

Some time after Trypticon's defeat, they were at least back on their feet, and appeared with Optimus Prime as he surveyed the Ark.

Fall of Cybertron

Jetfire was stationed in Autobot City, launch site of the Ark, during the Autobots' final days on Cybertron. When Megatron launched a brutal assault on the Ark, Jetfire was dismayed to learn that the attack came from the direction of Grimlock's apparently abandoned post, and subsequently joined the main battle.

When the Ark finally launched a few days later, Jetfire led the Aerialbots in the battle against the Nemesis. Jetfire was able to destroy several tow cables that the Decepticons were boarding the Ark with, and subsequently helped treat some of the wounded. When Jazz went up against the titan combiner Bruticus, Jetfire assisted him by leaving EMP grenades for him to lure Bruticus into, stunning the combiner. Jetfire and the Aerialbots then were able to defeat Bruticus with Jazz's help, before both the Ark and the Nemesis were flung into the space bridge portal to parts unknown in space.


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