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Vital Statistics
Species Cybertronian
Rank 9

= Cybertronian Defense Captain = Captain of The Ark

Status Online
Production details
First appearance Transformers: Fall of Cybertron

Ironhide is a Autobot veteran, who is one of the toughest among Autobots. As one of Optimus Prime's closest and oldest allies, he saw great potential within his leader and was more than happy to smash Decepticons with his fists.


Ironhide seems to have a good relationship with Warpath, teaching him a thing or two about combat while being called old timer, something which irritates him.


War for Cybertron

To the Core

Ironhide accompanied Optimus Prime and Warpath to the core of Cybertron to remove the Dark Energon originally installed by Megatron. As the group arrived, Warpath banged into Ironhide, causing the latter to tell Warpath to slow down. Following Warpath's conclusion that Ironhide was too rusty to keep up, Ironhide complained over the Decepticons decision to begin locking their domain and questioned why Optimus brought along Warpath to begin with before the latter used his cannon to destroy the door and allow the group in.

Ironhide and Optimus came behind Warpath. As the group entered, Warpath claimed his shooting to be an ideal entrance before Ironhide told him to calm down. The group found Omega Supreme being infused with several spikes of Dark Energon. As Optimus in horror asked what the Decepticons had done to him, Ironhide claimed the Decepticons were touring him. During Ratchet's healing of Omega Supreme, Ironhide held off several Decepticons alongside Optimus and Warpath.



Optimus Prime






  • Originally, Ironhide was to star in that of Transformers: Prime. However, Ironhide's death in Transformers: Dark of The Moon caused the writers to think twice about using him and to avoid confusing children, they instead chose to place Bulkhead in his role. Despite Ironhide not making an appearance in the show, Bulkhead seems to pass down Ironhide's traits.
    Ironhide in the Transformers Prime Top Trumps
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