Inquirata was a Quintesson Curator in charge of the planet Aquatron until the Ark Crew under Optimus Prime and the Nemesis Crew under Megatron arrived at the planet.


Inquirata was disguised as one of the Cybertronians who had colonized Aquatron in order to allow him to deceive the Autobots and Decepticons. In order to lure the two factions to Aquatron, he created a replica of the Matrix of Leadership and used it to influence the actual one. After playing the part of a peaceful representative for some time, he had the landing parties of both Cybertronian parties captured by his Sharkticon armies under General Tyrannicon. This was supposedly intended to make the two groups sign a peace treaty with the Quintesson "Co-Prosperity Sphere"-in reality it was setup for a rigged trial intended to provide a means for opening a Space Bridge to Cybertron.

Inquirata eventually succeed in his plan, but things began to unravel after the Space Bridge was opened. The Ark and Nemesis attacked the surface to recover their comrades, and both Optimus and Megatron escaped execution and the Quintessons' Gamekeeper. To make matters worse, Megatron obtained the Matrix replica and, through it, control of most of the Sharkticons. In desperation, Inquirata awakened the Hydratron, a massive aquatic lifeform that had previously been masquerading as an island. However, the creature failed to destroy his foes, and Inquirata was later killed by Tyrannicon.

Background InformationEdit

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