Hot Shot
Vital Statistics
Alias Rodimus
Species Cybetronian
Rank Warrior
Status Online
Production details
First appearance Transformers: War for Cybertron

  Hot Shot is a young and impetuous Autobot that was serving under Optimus Prime in the Great War. He has an enthusiastic personality and is confident for his next combat mission (so long as he's not paired with Kup again). He's got something to prove but any of his leadership qualities may show up just yet. Sometimes he is called Rodimus.


War for Cybertron (DS version)Edit

Somehow, Hot Shot became corrupted by Dark Energon. Entering into an uncontrollable frenzy, he drove around atop a dam which the Autobots had rigged for demolition so that the Decepticons wouldn't be able to make use of it. A team of Autobots spotted him and went to help, but he sped around, attacking them. After they defeated him, he calmed down, fighting off the effects of the Dark Energon and returned back to himself.

Transformers: RetributionEdit

Hot Shot was on the ArkWhen it reached Quintessa he, Kup and Optimus went to the surface. As Optimus spoke with The Curator, he and Kup got a tour of the city. During peace talks he was under Kup's command to defend the Energon reserves against the Decepticons. When the Decepticons came a massive fight broke out, which ignited the Energon and ravaged most of the Quintesson city. Hot Shot carried three cubes and five barrels of liquid Energon to the Ark before it took off.


  • Hot Shot has similar parts and even similar weapons as Bumblebee.
  • Hot Shot has not appeared in Transformers Prime.
  • He has an enthusiastic personality and is confident for his next combat mission (so long as he's not paired with Kup again).
  • According to Aaron Archer, the character was named "Hot Shot" in War for Cybertron due to "Hot Rod" being an unprotectable name. Hasbro later revealed that they didn't name him Rodimus because the name didn't fit for the story of the game and that they wanted fans to see how he became Rodimus.
    Hot Shot on pile


  • He is named "Rodimus" in the non-canon short story written by Alex Irvine, and is also said to be a Wrecker.


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