The Loss of a FriendEdit

Arcee was a participant in the Great War and originally was partnered with Tailgate. During one mission, she talked to Tailgate on comm before being captured by Airachnid for interrogation. Arcee was tied up and refused to talk. Arcee would soon reveal she knew nothing and was just bait after Airachnid revealed that she had also captured Tailgate. After Tailgate was killed, Arcee was saved by Bumblebee and Cliffjumper. She gave herself doubt, proclaiming to her two fellow Autobots that she couldn't save her partner.

Meeting a PartnerEdit

Arcee was captured by Starscream and taken captive alongside fellow Autobot Cliffjumper. She claimed to barely know him before and when Starscream said he would kill Cliffjumper if she did not cooperate, Arcee showed little to no concern about him. Soon after being tortured by Starscream, Arcee and Cliffjumper teamed up and managed to get away from him, leaving Starscream strapped up. The two later went together to get off Cybertron, only to be confronted by Shockwave. Still, the two fought past him and joined up with the Autobots on Earth.

Return of MegatronEdit

Death of CliffjumperEdit

Arcee drove while talking to Cliffjumper. Cliffjumper told her of a parking ticket he had received and she reminded him of the Autobots's rule to keep a low profile. Cliffjumper told Arcee that he picked up a signal of energon. Arcee asked Cliffjumper if he needed back up before being asked if he ever did. Cliffjumper intercepted the signal and was attacked by a multitude of Vehicons. Arcee reported to the other Autobots and as the group assembled, Arcee found Cliffjumper's broken horn and realized that he had been killed. Attending his memorial service with the others, Arcee left the others stating that if Cliffjumper was gone, then standing around and lamenting his death would not bring him back. Arcee returned to civilization and was soon followed by two Vehicons.

Jack meets Arcee

Jack meets Arcee.

She parked herself outside of a burger restaurant, where human Jack Darby was working. As he stood outside admiring her, the two Vehicons began to move in. Because of this Arcee was forced to reveal herself to the young boy as she drove away with him on top of her. Getting away from the Vehicons, Arcee told him to forget that he had seen her as she began to drive away. However, she soon noticed that the Vehicons had set their sights on him as well. Getting the boy again, Jack asked what the Vehicons were and why they were chasing them. Arcee soon corrected him by stating that they were not affiliated with each other.

They were soon aided by Bumblebee, who Arcee addressed as family when Jack asked her if he was a friend of hers. Arcee and Bumblebee confronted the Vehicons after they got of the road. Arcee trash talked the Vehicons before charging at them. Though she managed to hold her own against the Vehicons, Arcee and Bumblebee were unable to defeat them. Luckily, the timely arrival of Bulkhead caused them to think twice about continuing to fight and sent the two retreating. After returning to the Autobot base, Arcee told Optimus of her duel with the Vehicons and after the two humans were mentioned to him, stressed that they must have seen her in action. Arcee and Bumblebee were tasked with retrieving the two humans. While Bumblebee was able to get Raf easily, Arcee had trouble getting Jack. She told him that he was being requested by Optimus and was soon seen by Miko Nakadai, who previously had sketched her in her motorcycle form.

After expressing distaste in Miko finding out about them, Arcee took her and Jack back to the Autobot base. There, Ratchet told her that he thought there were only two humans. Arcee however, told him that humans multiply as the three were soon introduced to Optimus Prime.[1]

Return of MegatronEdit

Arcee finds Cliffjumper's horn

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After being at the base, Arcee went with Optimus, Bumblebee and Bulkhead to investigate the possibility of Cliffjumper still being alive. She and the other Autobots uncovered a Decepticon Energon mine and were shot at by the antagonistic robots. Arcee was allowed to go ahead of the other Autobots by Optimus Prime, in order to get to Cliffjumper's body.

She quickly grabbed his arm before he lifted up his head, facially revealing himself to have been resurrected by Dark Energon. Arcee let his hand go and returned to the base. After touching him, she started to feel faint at the base and fell. When Bumblebee tried to help her, she revealed that she was fine.

On PatrolEdit

Arcee went out on patrol, after Optimus told her she was in charge of the base while he was with Ratchet. She took Bumblebee with her, leaving Bulkhead in charge of the kids. Arcee and Bumblebee drove around, before being contacted by Bulkhead. She was forced to go to Bulkhead's location after she found out the Decepticons had captured Agent Fowler.

Rescuing FowlerEdit

Arcee got on the Nemesis, along with Bumblebee. The two aided Bulkhead in defeating several Vehicons and promised to come back for the humans before the three went off to confront Starscream and rescue Fowler. Arcee pointed a gun pointblank at Starscream's head, as the Decepticon had Bumblebee and Bulkhead next to him, armed as well. After Starscream escaped and Arcee rescued Fowler with the others, Arcee came back for the humans and escaped the Nemesis. Arcee watched as Jack refused to participate anymore in the endangerment of his life and others and left the Autobot base.

Admitting feelingsEdit

Despite her demeanor with him, Arcee could not stand to see Jack go and parked at his job, waiting for him. She explained to him that she couldn't leave him so soon after Cliffjumper's death. Arcee went out into space with Bumblebee, Bulkhead and Optimus to fight off Megatron in space. Before he was presumed dead, Arcee was shot by Megatron and taken back to the base. She survived the blast, much to the suspense of Jack and the other Autobots.

Science ProjectsEdit

As Arcee and the rest of the Autobots grew comfortable to their newly acquired human allies, she and the others decided to get involved in their activities regarding school. Arcee helped Jack with his science project, until Ratchet decided to get involved. After Ratchet took over, Arcee and Bulkhead asked him if he needed their help with anything.

Frozen with Optimus PrimeEdit

Arcee went with Optimus Prime to the Arctic to investigate.


After determining there was nothing, she and Optimus tried to contact Ratchet back at the base. She did not realize that the Autobot base was being attacked by Scraplets, who were eating wires and other parts of it. She started to rest, before Optimus warned her not to.


Arcee tried to blame Bulkhead and reminded Optimus of the time Bulkhead bumped into a bunch of powerlines, while doing some sort of dance in the process. As the pair froze, Arcee mentioned that they survived being beaten and shot at by Decepticons but couldn't survive in the Arctic. Optimus was talking about that they might become one with the Allspark, but his speech was cut short as Arcee reached out her left hand to hold Optimus's left hand. They held hands and Arcee tells Optimus it was an honor to serve with him. Just then, a groundbridge opened up with Bulkhead coming through, along with Scraplets. Before the Scraplets could get to Arcee and Optimus, they froze and the pair were able to get back to base.


She, Bulkhead and Bumblebee aided Wheeljack in defeating Decepticons who tried to stop him from reaching the other Autobots. She introduced herself to him and watched as he met Optimus. After it was revealed that the real Wheeljack was captured by Starscream and the one who arrived at the base was really Makeshift, she tried to attack him with the others before Wheeljack arrived at the base and attacked him.


Arcee went with Optimus, Bumblebee and Bulkhead to transport D.I.N.G.U.S.. While transporting the military based object, the four were attacked by several MECH soldiers. After a long drive, she and the others fought several Vehicons.

New DecepticonsEdit

After Breakdown destroyed an fresco that had the image of the Energon Harvester, Arcee asked at the base how the Decepticons could search for an artifact when they had no idea where it was before being told by Raf that they could simply use the internet. Arcee fought alongside the rest of the Autobots against newly arrived Decepticons, Breakdown and Knock Out. She and Bumblebee planned to attack the two of them at the same time, before they were forced to crash into each other by Knock Out. She, Bumblebee and Optimus Prime came to Bulkhead's aid after he single handedly defeated the two and Starscream later on.


Arcee tells Jack to not tell anyone

Arcee tells Jack to not say anything about the race with Vince.

As Arcee and Jack were leaving school, they encountered Sierra, who asked if she could take Jack up on his offer of a ride. They were interrupted by Vince, who challenged Jack to a race. Arcee reminded her companion of the rules, however when Vince made insulting remarks about her motorcycle mode, she decided that he needed to be taught a lesson.

Arcee and Jack completely smoked Vince at racing, though she made Jack swear not to tell any of the other Autobots. When Jack agreed to another race, Arcee flatly refused to take part, and later found out he'd talked Bumblebee into helping him instead. Furious, she dragged Bulkhead out to help her find Jack and Bumblebee, only to reach them just as Knock Out was abducting Vince.

The three Autobots tracked the Decepticons to a storage facility, where Arcee attempted unsuccessfully to retrieve Vince from Knock Out, and ended up chasing the 'Con. She was unable to catch him, but Optimus turned up to lend a hand and rescue the human, and he demanded an explanation from his ashamed soldiers. Afterwards, Arcee was willing to allow Jack to give Sierra a ride, but just once.

An Old Enemy returnsEdit

Arcee decided to go with Jack alone awhile after saving Vince. After uncovering several different types of acidic substances in the area, Arcee tried to call back the base and allow Jack to be taken into safety. Arcee then saw a ship and realized that the ship was that of Airachnid.

When she was confronted by Airachnid, Arcee tried to fight, but was tied up by Airachnid's webs. She tried to convince Jack to leave her behind. Haunted by her previous meeting with Airachnid, Arcee eventually managed to break free using her motorcycle mode, and caught up with Jack in time to save him by delivering a brutal beating to Airachnid, who managed to flee underground. Arcee was left with a new respect for how Jack had handled the situation, and was happy to call him her partner.

Failed Attempt to End MegatronEdit

After Optimus was infected by Cybonic plague, Arcee and Bumblebee GroundBridged aboard the Nemesis. They found Megatron's body in stasis lock, and Arcee formed a cortical psychic patch so Bumblebee could find the cure in the Decepticon leader's mind. She hid with Bumblebee's unconscious body in a vent, but time began to run out when Starscream, Knock Out and Soundwave entered the room and discussed pulling the plug on their commander.

After Soundwave noticed the cortical link and Starscream began following it to the vent, Arcee sent a parting gift by shooting at Megatron, and the Decepticons found Megatron's mind was blank as she and Bumblebee were Groundbridging back to the base.

Arcee was unsure if she'd successfully offlined Megatron. She was unenthusiastic when it turned out they had to return to the Arctic after the Decepticons stole a telescope lens. There, she and Bulkhead fought Breakdown as a diversion while Optimus snuck on board the Decepticon ship to destroy the heat ray they'd built the lens into.

Her success in fighting Breakdown was limited, but they kept him busy for long enough, and were knocked flying by the shockwave from the heat ray exploding. They were surprised when Megatron subsequently turned up alive and well to stop Starscream from finishing off Optimus.

Kids in the BridgeEdit

When a Dark Energon signature was detected, Arcee was left at base on GroundBridge duty because Optimus wanted Ratchet's Dark Energon knowledge handy. She failed to notice the three kids sneaking after Optimus's team, and only later spotted that they were gone. She attempted to GroundBridge them back, but interference resulted in an explosion and the kids vanished en route.

After Bulkhead's attempt to phone Miko failed, Arcee tried to ring Jack, but there was too much interference for them to talk. They eventually discovered the kids were trapped in an alternate dimension, and when Ratchet used the GroundBridge to rescue them, Optimus, Arcee and Bulkhead went to make sure they were safe from Starscream.

Rescuing a DecepticonEdit

When Breakdown was captured by MECH, Arcee and the others were surprised when Optimus insisted that they rescue the Decepticon, though it turned out he was concerned that Cybertronian technology would fall into MECH hands. The team arrived in Kamchatka Peninsula and followed an energon signal Ratchet had detected. The trace led them to find Breakdown's eye and a MECH bomb. After they avoided being blown up the bomb, Arcee and the team tracked down Bulkhead in time to chase off Starscream and some Vehicons.

Rescuing Jack's MomEdit

When Jack's after-school activities resulted in his mom forbidding him from using his motorcycle, Arcee was pointed out to by Jack that this would mean she would have to stay in the garage for several weeks, but she instead promised that she would try to be back before Jack's mom got home at night. The next day Arcee and Bumblebee were fighting some Vehicons when Jack called her to warn her that June was on her way home early. Arcee failed to get back in time, and had to sneak in via GroundBridge.

Later on that evening, she managed to get back before June Darby did, but it turned out that was because June had been abducted by MECH. Arcee and Jack followed Silas' instructions, proceeding to a deserted factory, and were shocked to find that Airachnid was involved. Arcee was webbed and rendered unconscious, but while MECH was preparing her for "surgery", she recovered and escaped.

She managed to catch up with Airachnid before the 'Con could do anything to Jack or his mother, and the pair fought at length around the building. She eventually succeeded in knocking Airachnid into a container and pouring concrete on top, but as she was moving to rescue June, was webbed to the ground by the still active Decepticon. Relief came in the form of Agent Fowler and three helicopters, which forced Airachnid to retreat. Arcee and Jack subsequently took June to the Autobot base to meet the team.

Coming to Terms with the Parental factorEdit

Arcee was scheduled to do some routine maintenance with Jack, but June's well-meaning questions drove Arcee batty, and she instead opted to accompany Bulkhead on a mission to find a magnetic anomaly.

After Miko managed to sneak along on the mission, and Arcee again found herself as the third wheel.

But i always take point by skyline19-d3lmtpd

When they reached the source of the magnetic disturbance, it turned out to be Airachnid and Breakdown fighting over a magnetic weapon. During the ensuing fight, Breakdown used the weapon, a polarity gauntlet, to magnetize the two Autobots, and Arcee became stuck to Bulkhead's back. With the only choice to retrieve the gauntlet, Arcee ordered Miko to return to base, and she and Bulkhead tracked the 'Cons to an old gas station.

After some more fighting, Arcee managed to become unstuck from Bulkhead, and briefly used the gauntlet to polarize everyone.

Metal-Attraction-Arcee 1310124456

In the end, the Autobots triumphed and returned to base with the gauntlet, where Arcee received an apology from June for the earlier questioning.

Into the RocksEdit

Arcee was assigned to check out an old energon mine with Bulkhead. When Miko ran into the mine, Arcee was persuaded by Jack to let him take a look inside too. She and Jack stumbled on Megatron and Starscream, and during the firefight that ensued, she shot Megatron's arm, causing him to blast the ceiling and causing a cave in.

After the floor fell away, she lost track of the others, but eventually found the kids, and was able to rescue Bulkhead from Starscream. The two Autobots and the kids escaped the mine and briefly considered ending the Decepticons then and there before deciding it wasn't what Optimus would have done. Though Arcee still looked tempted.

The Traitor Marches OnEdit

Standing at Cliffjumper's graveside, Arcee pledged she would find the 'Con who killed him. When the Autobots were on their next mission to check out a signal from a buried Decepticon wreck, they ran into Airachnid, and Arcee attempted to take the opportunity to settle the score for Tailgate, only for Airachnid to get the better of her. After coming to her rescue, Optimus reminded her that revenge was never profitable.

When their captive, Starscream, claimed to want to switch sides, Arcee spoke out to say they should take him with them. Arcee was left guarding the prisoner, however when he inadvertently revealed that it was he who had killed Cliffjumper, she became enraged and attacked him.

Though she eventually got the upper hand and was about to finish him off, she realized that Bumblebee was watching the fight, and reluctantly let Starscream limp away. Later at base, her injuries were healed, but she blamed herself for ruining their chance to gain access to Starscream's knowledge. She listened to Optimus's words to her as well.

Bulkhead's sudden IQ boostEdit

Arcee accompanied Prime and Bumblebee as they tried to retrieve a Cybertronian data cylinder before the Decepticons did. During the fight she was tackled by Knock Out. Ultimately the Decepticons made off with the cylinder, and later Arcee listened as Ratchet told them the cylinder's contents had ended up in Bulkhead's brain, and wondered aloud what the formula Bulkhead was writing was—the Autobots were excited to find it was a set of equations for synthetic energon.

Arcee found it weird when Bulkhead was in "brainiac mode", and as it turned out the data was eating Bulkhead's mind. Bumblebee and Arcee accompanied Optimus on an unsuccessful attempt to get the cylinder back from Megatron, and they ended up fighting a bunch of Vehicons. Later they came to Miko and Bulkhead's aid to save the pair from Knock Out and Breakdown, and Arcee was present when Miko managed to rouse the comatose Bulkhead.

A Sudden Strength in RatchetEdit

During a mission to intercept Knock Out and Breakdown, Arcee sped over a road block caused by Vehicons, separating herself from the other Autobots despite Prime's orders. She soon found herself surrounded by Vehicons, but was surprised when Ratchet came through the GroundBridge and single-handedly bashed the lot of them. Ratchet later revealed that he had injected himself with the Synthetic Energon he'd been working on, and Arcee was keen for them all to try it, however Ratchet began exhibiting personality changes that disturbed her. During one of Ratchet's training sessions with Bulkhead, Ratchet tried flirting with her, much to her surprise.

During their next mission, Ratchet accused Optimus of not being pro-active enough, bringing up Cliffjumper's death which angered Arcee to the point of threatening violence. She was held down by Bulkhead and watched as Ratchet continued his argument. As Optimus had Ratchet go through the GroundBridge, Arcee helped Bulkhead back up after he was pushed down by Ratchet, whom was trying to depart on his own. When Ratchet took off to tackle Megatron on his own, Arcee and the other Autobots were forced to come to his aid.


When an ancient prophecy looked like it was imminent, Arcee and Bulkhead wondered how seriously they should take it. They accompanied Optimus to a military base to stop the Decepticons attacking it, but when they were faced with Raf being gravely injured, Optimus ordered Arcee to accompany him and Bumblebee back to base. While Ratchet fought to save the boy's life, Arcee had to keep Bumblebee calm.

Arcee accompanied Bulkhead and Ratchet on a mission to rescue Optimus from an area rich in Dark Energon, though at one point she appeared to become mesmerized by the sight of a volcano spewing Dark Energon. Once they got Optimus back to base, they set about investigating the cause of the natural disasters that had begun plaguing the planet, and realized that Unicron lay at the center of the Earth.

1317346148 movieweb

Optimus, Bulkhead and Arcee reaction to Miko's "Unicorn" joke

Arcee and the other Autobots began checking out the sites of the tremors.

Arcee rage

Though Optimus ordered the other Autobots to remain at base, Arcee, Bulkhead and Bumblebee joined him anyway. They fought increasingly larger stone Unicrons, until they encountered a colossal one that knocked Bulkhead and Bumblebee aside, then sent Arcee likewise tumbling along the ground. As it moved to crush Optimus underfoot, help came in the unlikely form of Megatron, who offered to help them fight Unicron.

After they returned to base, Optimus gave the trio the choice of whether to accompany him and Megatron to Earth's core, and Arcee opted to go for Jack's sake. She, Bumblebee and Bulkhead greeted Megatron to the Autobot base by aiming their guns at him, and when they were ready to GroundBridge to their new destination, she insisted Megatron go first. Before long, they were standing within Earth's core.

As the Autobots battled Unicron's anti-bodies, Arcee was briefly separated from the others, and had to ride one of the antibodies to catch up with them again. She, Bulkhead and Bumblebee remained outside Unicron's spark chamber to fight off the antibodies. After Unicron's defeat, they entered the chamber only to discover that Optimus had lost his memory and was leaving with Megatron. They subsequently had to GroundBridge back to base minus their leader and explain what had happened to the others.

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