Hi-Test (Guilty as Charged)
Vital statistics
Species Cybertronian (Mini-Con)
Production details
First appearance Guilty as Charged
Voiced by none

Hi-Test is among Soundwave's group of Mini-Con subordinates.

Transformers: Robots in Disguise Edit

Season 3Edit

Hi-Test surreptitiously observed Strongarm and Nightra patrolling a forest road. He attempted to steal Strongarm's Decepticon Hunter only to disturb some birds, prompting Nightra to run and Strongarm to follow. Hi-Test later opened a GroundBridge portal to report back to Soundwave, who berated him for his failure. Frightened, Hi-Test fled, with Soundwave threatening to offline Hi-Test. Later he helped Optimus Prime to defeat Laserbeak. And when Soundwave and Laserbeak was defeated he decided to stay in the Shadowzone, and Optimus believed it was a good home for him, because nobody hunt him there.

Gallery Edit

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