Heatseeker (RID)
Vital statistics
Species Cybertronian
Production details
First appearance King of the Hill (Part 1)
Voiced by Mikey Kelley
"One guided missile to make all your dreams come true!"
―Heatseeker before firing two missiles in Disordered Personalities.

Heatseeker is a Decepticon stunticon who can fire Missiles at will who forms Menasor with Motormaster, Dragstrip, Wildbreak and Slashmark.

Transformers: Robots in Disguise

Season 3


Heatseeker first appeared in King of the Hill (Part 1). Heatseeker was assigned to claim Grand Valley as Stunticon territory by Motormaster. His tangling with some cops alerted Team Bee, who deployed Strongarm and Sideswipe in response to the situation, but after toying with them for a while, Heatseeker easily lost them by collapsing a tunnel on them. Taking up a position at the top of a rocky outcropping, he began firing guided missiles at them. When the Autobots managed to get the missiles to slam into each other and hid, Heatseeker held his position and waited for them to come out again. When Bumblebee, Drift, and Grimlock arrived as backup, they were unaware that Heatseeker had already spotted them, and the Stunticon fired off five more missiles, which threatened to detonate a nuclear waste disposal site closeby.

In King of the Hill (Part 2), Heatseeker's missile attack was thwarted when Drift, recognizing the type of missile used, quickly instructed Team Bee how to use their comms to scramble and disable the missiles' detonators. Heatseeker retreated, chased by Bumblebee, Drift, and (eventually) Grimlock.

He laid a trap in the form of a huge number of oil-filled barrels scattered around a disused gas station, using his missiles to detonate them. Unable to use their now-malfunctioning comms to disable the missiles, the Autobots were kept running for cover. Thanks to the intervention of a mysterious Mini-Con, Heatseeker was once again forced to run, returning to the edge of the waste disposal site.

Encountering a lone human, Heatseeker intended to use him for leverage, but he didn't have the chance before the Autobots arrived and surrounded him. Heatseeker prepared another missile barrage, but was quickly dog-piled. One massive explosion later, Heatseeker opted to cut and run while the Autobots were unconscious. As he sped past the gas station, he noticed a Cybertronian tracking device in a crater, and quickly decided this would be the perfect way to lie to Motormaster about just why he had left his post, presenting it as a gift. Motormaster was unimpressed, but Heatseeker was able to talk him around.

In Disordered Personalities, Heatseeker joined his fellow Stunticons in the Crown City Grand Prix, believing that the "Ruler of the Roads" title awarded to its winner was literal. Disdainful of the "squishies" he was competing against, he revealed himself to Grimlock (temporarily swapped into Drift's body), and then proceeded to duel with the Autobot, attempting to push him off a cliff before spinning him out. As the race approached its finish, he launched his missiles at Casey in an attempt to give Drag Strip and Wildbreak a clear run for the win, only for the Autobots to dupe the missiles into doubling back and nailing the three Stunticons themselves.

In The Golden Knight, while recovering from the setback, Heatseeker joined his fellow Stunticons in running the humans out of Star Visitor Estates, followed by his Crash Combining with Slashmark to form Heatmark to celebrate their victory. They were then joined by Motormaster, who was less than impressed at the pace of their conquering of Earth's roads.

In Railroad Rage, TBA


Season 3


  • Heatseeker's "care" for pedestrian traffic, use of destructive materials, and grey color scheme all homage another character of the same team, and Heatseeker is presumably a direct replacement of said character, seeing as Hasbro has a tendency to lose names. However, his vehicle mode is more in line with Offroad, G1 Wildrider's present-day replacement in Combiner Wars branding.
  • Heatseeker's name directly references his use of "heatseeking" and guided missiles.


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